Having less mess reduces stress, enables you to make healthier choices, and frees up some much-needed time. | Day Designer

How Tidiness Affects Your Mind & Body

We all know that clutter can be a nuisance—something that gets in the way or perhaps makes it difficult to have friends over. But did you know that a messy environment can negatively impact your mind and body as well? Clutter isn’t just unsightly. It can be draining....

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5 Tools To Help You Organized Your Life | Day Designer

5 Tools to Help You Organize Your Life

With jobs, families, friends, and plenty of other personal endeavors, it’s no wonder our lives can seem a chaotic mess sometimes! There’s always something to be scheduled, to be paid, to be attended, and more. But at Day Designer, we try to cut back on the mess—after...

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    Another  #daydesignergiveaway !! Head to  @theplanneraddictbox 's account to see how you can win!
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    Do you have any final summer ✈️ or trips planned?
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    Even if you aren't the one cracking open textbooks this fall, it's important to spend time growing, learning.
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    As you set your routine for the new school year, it's just as important to carve out time for yourself.
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    Now, THIS is our preferred version of the Sunday Blues. ::  @melboteri 

2018 Daily Planner Launch: Top Questions Answered!

Our favorite week of the year is here. We love the excitement that comes with launching next year's planner! You can never have it too early, right? We listened to ALL of your requests and made an earlier release date possible this year. We've also taken note of the...

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What’s The Recipe For A Well-Organized Life?

Our focus on real life organization has hit home with a lot of you. We love how so many of you have joined the conversation and reached out to us! When it comes to living a well-organized life with realistic expectations, we've talked about ways you'll benefit and top...

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10 Habits For A More Organized Life

Thanks for tuning in last week as we took a look at what organization looks like—in real life. To put it simply, if we look at organization as some sort of perfect state that we're trying to achieve, we're bound to never get there. Read the previous post if you missed...

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What Does Organization Look Like—In Real Life?

"I need to get more organized!" If you've ever had that thought, you are not alone. There have been weeks—even days—when we've said that quite regularly around here! Many of us struggle to get organized. We all want to feel on top of our to-do lists, ​schedules, and...

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How Values-Based Planning Will Change Your Life

You know we’re all about living a life of intention and purpose here at Day Designer. And one of the simplest ways that we design our own intentional lives is through values-based planning. In other words, we plan our lives—from day to day—based on what’s most...

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Think Like A Kid To Discover New Passions

Think back to the last time you felt truly free and happy. For many, that point is back in childhood—when it was easy to imagine that anything that you wanted out of life—was possible. Somewhere along the way though—life happens, and we lose our sense of childlike...

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How To Combine Your Strengths & Passions For A Great Life

“Do what you love and the rest will follow,” is a well-known adage—and there’s a reason that it’s something many people live by! Passion is contagious—and it makes us come alive! Following your passions and turning them into a viable business or pursuit can help to...

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Define Your Core to Design Your Life

If you’re anything like us here at Day Designer, you’re probably a pretty self-aware person. You’re focused on growth—personal, professional, spiritual, and more—and you’re well attuned to your own habits, ticks, strengths, and challenges. But do you know what make...

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How To Discover Your Core Values

We all have values—a set of guiding principles by which we live our lives. But while most of us would acknowledge the importance of having values in our life, few of us have ever taken the time to identify what, exactly, our values are! We simply live our...

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