Coming Soon! New 2017-2018 Calendars, Planners, and Accessories | Day Designer

New Arrivals! Calendars, Planners, and Accessories

Are you ready? Our largest release to date is coming to on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 11:00 am CDT. We've partnered with our friends at Blue Sky to bring you affordable and stylish calendars and planners for the 2017-2018 academic year—plus planning...

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5 Fun Ways To Have An Amazing Summer | Day Designer

5 Fun Ways to Have an Amazing Summer

It’s hard to believe that we’re already more than halfway through the year. (Weren’t we just setting those New Year’s Resolutions yesterday?!) But that also means we’re moving into one of our favorite seasons—summertime! The mid-year months can often be filled to the...

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Save the Date! 2018 Daily Planner Launch | Flagship Collection | Day Designer

Save the Date! 2018 Daily Planner Launch

Love a planner that starts with the calendar year? Then this post is meant for you! Behind the scenes here at Day Designer, we're preparing to release our 2018 Flagship Collection in August. Mark your planner for Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 11 am CDT. This...

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  • For today were thankful! Enjoy your weekend friends!  decaldarling
    For today, we're thankful! Enjoy your weekend, friends! :  @decaldarling 
  • A Sunday well spent sets your week up for success!hellip
    A Sunday well spent sets your week up for success! :  @cattyelizabeth5 
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    Join us on Wednesday, 6/21, 2 p.m. CDT, on Facebook Live as  @whitneyenglish  talks all about the  #daydesignerforbluesky  line you…
  • Is MondayMani a thing? Because it totally should be
    Is  #MondayMani  a thing? Because it totally should be.
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    Up and at 'em! What's your breakfast of choice? :  @xoalexmarie 
  • The daydesignerforbluesky line has some of the cutest darn accessorieshellip
    The  #daydesignerforbluesky  line has some of the cutest darn accessories we've ever had. Join  @whitneyenglish  on Facebook Live ( today…
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    Did you see!?  #daydesignerforbluesky  is coming to!!! To celebrate, we’re giving away four bundles our products - a Midyear…
  • Did you see our big announcement yesterday?! Several of thehellip
    Did you see our big announcement yesterday?! Several of the products from the  #daydesignerforbluesky  line will be making their way…
  • Officially summer and the weather has us craving a funhellip
    Officially summer and the weather has us craving a fun vacation. What are your travel plans? :  @gracehincapie 
  • This weekend spread by Cindy of Llama Letters fame hashellip
    This weekend spread by Cindy of Llama Letters fame has us all . :  @llamaletters 
  • We hope you get in some best friend time thishellip
    We hope you get in some best friend time this weekend!  #dogsfordaydesigner 

86 Lists For The Planner Obsessed!

Here at Day Designer, we love lists. Raise your hand if you do too! You'll be happy to know that scientifically—from a neurological perspective—our brains LOVE lists. Here's why! Lists help us... • Categorize and make sense of information • Process information more...

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5 Tips For Creating Personal Development Lists

It can be common to feel like life hasn’t quite turned out how you imagined it would. Perhaps you aren't feeling satisfied with the way things are. Unfortunately, when we look at our lives and where we’re currently at, we sometimes feel a sense of dissatisfaction or...

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How To Get Past The Quitting Stage Of A New Routine

Routine is essential when it comes to creating new habits that stick. Without a routine, it’s easy for a new habit, even one that’s been set with the best of intentions, to fall to the wayside and soon be forgotten. But when it comes to sticking to new...

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A5 Luxe Collection: Restocked!

Previously sold out! Back in stock! As Day Designer founder Whitney English felt her planning needs evolve, she found herself wanting more. She needed a format that would combine the principles of the original Flagship Day Designer while offering even more...

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Daytime Routines + Habits To Be Your Best You

Earlier this month, we shared our favorite morning routines and habits as part of our 30 Days To Your Best You challenge—these habits were small, simple ways to integrate healthy new behaviors into your life every morning. But you don’t just have to start your day...

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6 Steps To Setting Up Your New Planner

It’s a fantastic time to start a new planner, just before summer and the school year ahead. Even if you don't particularly need a midyear planner for academic reasons, there’s something incredibly inspiring and motivating about a fresh start. Perhaps your current...

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How To Eliminate Bad Habits

While we all know that bad habits are undesirable, it’s easy to overlook the full extent of the damage that they can cause. Part of what makes a bad habit so detrimental, though, is its cumulative effect. Something that’s done repeatedly, over time, can have major...

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How To Maintain Healthy Habits While Traveling

Practiced day after day, good habits improve our lives in numerous ways—especially when it comes to our health. Unfortunately, though, when we travel, our regular routine and good habits often get tossed aside and lost in the transition. While travel has many...

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