We’re all about encouraging creativity here at Day Designer! As business owners, designers, and people open to living lives with intention, we know that a creative mind is an open mind, a complex mind, an innovative mind.

Being more creative allows you to open up to greater opportunities, try new activities, and create products, services, and experiences that everybody—from your customers to your family to yourself—will love too. Boosting your creativity is a valuable exercise no matter who you are—and as a bonus, it’s pretty fun too!

But we get it—it doesn’t seem easy to just “turn it on.” We’ve had creative droughts too, and we’ve come up with some fun ways to pull ourselves back into the creative flow. These are just a few of our favorite tips to help you boost creativity in your everyday life.

Turn Off the Censor

It’s not easy to be creative when your inner critic is telling you every new idea is a bad one. To really get your creative juices flowing, it’s important to quiet that internal chatter. Start by setting a timer and letting your pen (or paintbrush or colored pencil) flow! You might want to start with a question, prompt, or inspiration that gets your juices flowing. But once you get started, you’ll likely find it’s hard to stop. Write or paint or ideate on whatever comes to mind, without letting your hand lift from the page. Don’t give that censor a second to jump in and halt that creative flow!

Schedule “Class Time”

Just because you (likely) don’t go to school every day doesn’t mean you need to stop learning! Set aside 30 minutes (or as much time as you can) every day to immerse yourself in your own personal classroom. What have you always wanted to learn—to crochet, to build your own business, to learn a new language? You can spend that time however you want—so long as you’re learning something new! You might watch a new TED Talk or read 20 pages in a new book. Perhaps you sign up for an online course or hire a tutor. Simply schedule time to learn new things and watch your creativity soar!

Make Space to Play

When’s the last time you just let yourself play? We mean really play—to run through the sprinklers in your front yard or color in a coloring book or swing at a playground? A well-intentioned and creative life is one that carefully balances work and play. So let yourself do it! It might not be easy at first—as adults, we’ve been conditioned to erase the play from our lives. Find blocks of time on your calendar where you can bring it back in! There are plenty of ways to play that benefit other areas of your life too: Go out into the yard with your kids and play an imaginative game. Clear your mind, and envision what your life could look like five years from now. Go to a comedy show for your next “date night.” Remember, all work and no play makes all of us pretty dull. Make time for fun and add that creative spark back to your life.

Spend Time With Someone New & Different

A truly creative life comes from being open to new ideas, experiences, and points of view. Open yourself up to experiences and ideas you might never have considered before by spending time with new people—particularly those who are different from you. Do you lean one direction with your political views? Make a coffee date with an acquaintance whose views are of the opposite nature. Are you a big fan of networking in big groups? Try hosting an intimate night in with a few new friends. Open yourself up to new possibilities by spending time with people who introduce you to something new.

Let Yourself Be Bored

Schedule time to do . . . well, nothing. It sounds pretty counterintuitive, we know. But when’s the last time you blocked off time in your planner to just be? Often, we need blank space in our lives to open space to be creative. For instance, have you ever noticed how the best ideas tend to come when you’re doing something pretty boring—when you’re driving in traffic, taking a shower, or taking a walk around the block? It can be difficult to get creative when your mind is full of everything you have to take care of. Give yourself the actual physical space to come up with something new and kickstart your creativity once again.


What would you do with greater creativity? Would you paint, perform, write a book? Share your big creative dreams—and the tips above that you’ll use to boost your creativity—with us in the comments below!

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