When most of us think of spring cleaning, we think of our homes first: Of all of the ways we can spruce up our living spaces to make them more comfortable and peaceful.

We’re right there with you—and that’s the focus on the blog today!

Though you may spend a lot of time outside of your home, it should be your refuge—in fact, that’s why your home should be your most comfortable space. After time spent at work or shuttling the kids around or grocery shopping, your living space is where you literally feel that you can let your hair down and kick up your feet. Or, at least, it should be: It should be the most comfortable and authentic reflection of you.

These are our five favorite (easy!) ways to put the life—your life—back into your living space and turn your home into your personal sanctuary once again:

Unclutter Your Chaos

The first step to spring cleaning anything—including your home—is to unclutter the chaos. You know what we’re talking about: the pile of mail (both opened and unopened) in your entryway, the takeout menus and appliance instruction manuals stuffed into a kitchen drawer, the stack of magazines on your living room table, and the receipts piled up on your office desk. Don’t feel badly—we’ve been there, too! And we know that all of that chaos is a lot more overwhelming to look at every day than it is to deal with—so use this spring cleaning season to actually deal with it. Go through every pile of clutter and throw away what you no longer need or find a designated home for what you want to keep. Treat your home as you treat your mind (or, at least, as you try to treat your mind)—keep it clean and keep it clear so that you can focus on what matters most.

Add Actual Life with Plants

The best way to put the life back into your living space is by adding a little more actual life—in the form of houseplants and fresh flowers! Whether it’s a small succulent, a bouquet of flowers, or a decorative houseplant, there’s a significant shift that happens when you bring greenery into your home. Plants and flowers add color, they smell good, and they’re quite nice to look at, too! They’re also an affordable and easy way to liven up your space, and you can easily change them out or add to them for a quick pick-me-up any time you need one.

Showcase Meaningful Art

Art is a great way to showcase more of you in your home—you can highlight what you find beautiful and what you find meaningful through a visual medium. No matter the style of art you enjoy, it will always be an interesting and unique expression of who you are. And you get extra bonus points if the art is your own or created by friends or family! If you don’t consider yourself a regular Picasso, you might print out and hang a favorite quote; purchase an affordable, large print from Target; or frame your kids’ school art and display it proudly throughout your home. Remember that the beauty and significance of art is in the eye of the beholder, and you can easily add more life to your living space by displaying what you find beautiful and significant.

Repaint to Refresh Your Walls

Painting a room can be a bit of bigger project to take on than the others we’ve mentioned so far, but it’s still a relatively simple undertaking—and can be quite fun! If you feel like one (or many) of the rooms in your house need a refresh, repainting the walls is a relatively easy way to make a significant change. Adding pops of different colors can immediately change the mood of a room—and can change your mood when you walk into it! You can paint all of the walls in a room or pick just one to accent; you can pick calm, muted colors or paint every room in your house a different bright hue. And the beauty of it all is that you can always paint over it again—whether now or in the future—if you need to refresh once more.

Plan Your Next Projects

Whether you got inspired by this post or you’ve had home improvement on the brain for awhile, you likely have a few different projects in mind—but you don’t have the time (or the budget) to get them all done at once. That’s okay! Simply plan and prioritize the projects you want to get done over the next few months or even years. In your Day Designer, write down ideas and inspirations, plan your timeline and outline your budget, and mark dates to move forward on next steps. You’ll feel a lot better about not being able to get everything done at once if you know exactly when and how you plan to do it.

* * *

If your home has felt more chaotic than calm these days, take some time to put some life back into your living space. Make it comfortable and connected to you once again with a little spring cleaning and much-needed change this season.


What’s an easy change you can make to your living space this week? What would add more life to your home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!