The holidays may be over, but there’s still time to spread goodwill! While volunteering is a noble exercise year-round, there’s no better time of year than after a season focused on giving to show your love, give your time, and offer your attention to those who need it most!

Today, we’re talking about some of the many worthy places to donate your time and energy:

Homeless Shelters

The holiday season can hit hard for those without a home—and often, without a family too. Visit your local homeless shelter with gifts, food, necessities, a donation, or even just your time and attention. Then, give thanks that you have a place to go home to.

Senior Homes

The folks in your local senior home could likely use an extra dose of love, company, and good cheer. Stop in to decorate, pass out hand-written notes for the residents, or even drop off some baked goods. And allow some time to get to know a few people. They’ve lived long, interesting lives—you’ll likely learn and gain a lot by spending time with them, too.

Local Hospitals

It’s not easy spending the holidays in the hospital—but so many have to, missing out on the joy of gathering with their families at home, eating great food, opening presents, and more. This year, why not pay a visit to your local hospital and give the gift of your presence to those who may need an emotional boost just as much as they do physically?

Animal Shelters

Our furry companions need as much love as our human ones! Visit your local animal shelter to play with, feed, or walk some of the many animals without homes—or perhaps even adopt. We can pretty much guarantee that the animals will bring you just as much joy—if not more—than you will bring to them!

Your Church

Volunteering your time with your local church family is a great way to give back! From toy and canned food drives to prayer circles and donations, your church community likely has several ways for you to volunteer your time and money over the holidays. Check in with the service team to find out how you can best support your community and their missions!

And remember, you can volunteer at these or any other organization of your choosing all year long! It’s always a great time to give back.


How will you volunteer your time in 2017? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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