Last week, we kicked off our “Creating Goals to Cultivate Balance” series and showed you how to put yourself first when setting goals. We said it then and we’ll say it again: when you help yourself first, everything else will fall into place.

But today, we want to move on to another important aspect of your life: your relationships! Because they’re so important, right? Very few of us are without relationships, after all; you may have a significant other, children, coworkers, colleagues, friends, acquaintances, Instagram followers, and more.

The people in your life matter—and the success of your relationship with them is vital to your own happiness, health, and success. You likely already know that, of course! In fact, we’d venture to guess that a few of your New Year’s resolutions were already focused on relationships. That’s great—so long as you’re balancing those goals across all five of the main categories of your life, of course.

And today we want to help you choose the right goals to build better relationships!

Because a well-designed life isn’t complete without relationships; without the people who contribute to your life and your well-being in a positive way; without a deep connection to those who matter most.

If you’re wanting to create goals that cultivate balance throughout your life, setting intentional goals that enrich your relationships should be high on the list!

Here are some of our top tips for building better relationships—whether that’s with your partner or your pal—with the right set of goals:

Prioritize Your People

As much as you might like to be, you can’t be everything to everyone. (Trust us—we’ve tried.) Prioritize the relationships you want to focus on and strengthen in your life. Who are the people that you most desire a consistent, valuable connection with? Some of these may be no-brainers: your spouse, your kids, your best friend, your mom. Others, perhaps may be new or valuable relationships that you want to give greater attention, like a new boss or the next-door neighbor. It doesn’t matter who it is, so long as you know they’re important to you (or you want them to be). Make a list of the relationships you want to focus on this year, keeping in mind the people who can show up for you as you’re showing up for them. Remember that relationships are about connection, collaboration, communication—and lots of growth!—and you’ll know exactly who should make the list!

Pick Goals in Partnership

Here’s the thing—you don’t have to do this alone! How great is that? Get together with your significant other, your boss, or your best friend, and have a conversation about the goals that you’d like to reach together or in tandem to strengthen your relationship. The best way to improve a relationship is to work together to figure out the goals you should both be working toward! It helps to have the same or similar goals, of course—but it can also be helpful to see what your partner or friend or boss is desiring that you may not have even considered. Instead of trying to guess at the best way to improve a relationship, remember that it’s always a partnership. Work together to come up with the right goals to make it better.

Put It On the Calendar

It’s fairly easy to say you want to spend more time with your kids or have your boss become your mentor or spend one-on-one time with your best friend. It’s another thing to actually do it. Now that you know who are the priority people in your life—and you’ve put your heads together to figure out the best ways to make your relationship stronger—put time in your planner and actually do it! Because, again, it’s easy to say that someone is your priority. But if you really want to be proactive about building better relationships, you need to also proactively make the time to get it done. Prioritize your people by giving them a designated spot in your calendar and in your life—your relationships will be all the stronger for it!

Next, we’re taking it back to you—we’ll be sharing our best tips to help you create goals that encourage personal growth for our next segment in this series. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it! Read the next post here.

What goals have you set to build better relationships? Share the tips that have worked best for you in the comments below!


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