Could your coffee order unlock the secrets of your personality?

Could your coffee order unlock the secrets of your personality?

Think your coffee order is irrelevant?

Think again!

Coffee is an important part of our lives –for many of us, it’s how we make it through the day. For others, it’s a social thing –we enjoy chatting over a mug of our favorite drink, and wouldn’t want to forgo those visits to our favorite coffee shop.

But no matter how you take it –or how often you drink it, your coffee drink of choice says more about you than you might think. It may be a secret to everyone else, but your coffee preferences spell out, loud and clear to your barista a lot about your personality –and what type of day you’re having.

Think no one could know that from a simple drink? You be the judge! Let’s take a quick look at some different coffee orders now, and see how accurately your assessment stacks up.

Black Coffee

Black coffee –that strong, hot cup of goodness that gets you through the morning. Have you ever noticed when you order a solid cup of black coffee, there isn’t much small talk that happens? This is because your barista knows that you mean business. You want your coffee, and you want it now. No fluff, no flavors, no whipped cream. If you drink it black, there’s a good chance that you like your mornings to be efficient. You don’t have time to mess around instead you prefer that others just give it to you straight.

With Milk and Sugar

Do you drink your coffee with milk and sugar? You may have something of a dual personality. You genuinely enjoy coffee –but need something to help tone it down –ever so slightly. You may be organized –and somewhat of a traditionalist, but you genuinely enjoy the scenic route –and you certainly love to have fun. You’re probably hard-working, extremely creative, and an introvert with extrovert tendencies. With your coffee in hand, you’re ready to take on the world!

Double Espresso

Double espresso drinkers, we have our eyes on you! No single shot will do. You need that extra boost, and you need it now. You are logical and practical, and much like the double espresso, you are honest and to the point. You just happen to function better with a little espresso pumping through your veins.


If you are a latte drinker, chances are you’re more of a sit back and go with the flow kind of person. Having to make too many decisions ruins your day, and so you settle for the latte, a mix between serious coffee and the light and airy stuff of other drinks. In a world that’s often crazy and full of unexpected surprises, holding your morning latte gives you a brief feeling of comfort –like everything is at ease in the world. You error on the side of not being too adventurous, although sometimes you spice things up by adding flavor to your latte. It’s the small things that make life worth living.

Iced Coffee

You defy the odds. The changing seasons don’t bother you, as long as you have your iced coffee in hand. And a straw. Don’t forget the straw! Iced coffees are a relatively modern drink, and your choice shows that you’re a bold trendsetter, who’s always on the go. You are happy with who you are, but don’t mind trying new things.


You like the coffee shop, you like coffee dates, you like everything about it, except coffee. So you sneak in under the radar and order something that resembles a coffee –but is actually a milkshake in disguise. You like the energy boost you get from these coffee-laced drinks, although sometimes you prefer to go with a new flavor –such as strawberry! You are an adventure-seeker who is full of life and energy. But you prefer your ‘coffee’ to be sweet –just like you.

Finally, when ordering your drink remember, there’s really only one rule when it comes to getting your perfect drink. Order what you like –unashamedly. What matters is that you enjoy it –who really cares what anyone else might think?

How did we do? Was it an accurate assessment, or do you beg to differ?

Image: Alison and Fil

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