A productive, well-balanced day allows us to carve out time for what matters most!

However, in the life of a college student, when you add all of the distractions that are paired with your studies (everything from social engagements to perhaps a job on the side!), you’re likely to find that this balancing act can be difficult to achieve. Here at Day Designer, we love offering our best tips and tricks to help you streamline your day through consistent daily habits.

To share some advice with you straight from the source, we recently connected with our friend Bailey from Navy or Nothing and just love her take on how she balances her various roles—from finding success as a college student to running her blog—and how she manages them with her Day Designer daily planner. We asked Bailey to share some of her top words of wisdom with us. Read on to get inspired!

To create balance, Bailey lives by these five daily habits.

Start Early

Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you have to. I set two alarms, one with the time I have to get up and start getting ready and one 15 minutes before that. I like to gradually wake up and get adjusted before I start getting ready!

Get Inspired

Listen to podcasts while you work/clean/drive. It’s so much more rewarding to get inspired, learn new things, or just laugh. I get tired of my playlist so easily if I’m constantly listening to it, so podcasts are great to change things up!

Enjoy What You Love

Coffee in the morning, tea at night. I love cold brew to wake me up and get me ready to be productive. At night, I love chamomile with a little bit of honey to get me ready for bed!

Carve out Downtime

One hour of no electronics before bed. Reading a book an hour before bed makes it way easier for me to fall asleep than if I was on my phone!

Prepare for Tomorrow

Checking my planner in the morning and before I go to bed keeps me prepared every day.

* *

How’s that for a much-needed reminder? Let us know in the comments below what inspired you the most about Bailey’s top daily habits!

Be sure to check out our previous post where we were lucky enough to get a peek inside her Day Designer Flagship Daily Planner and discover her strategies for planning her days.

To stay in touch with Bailey, follow Navy or Nothing on her BlogInstagram, and Twitter


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