This is an IMPORTANT shipping update for anyone waiting on a Black Stripe or Spotty Dots Day Designer!

If you ordered a Black Stripe or Spotty Dots Day Designer the week of Thanksgiving, or the week after Thanksgiving (December 1-3), this shipping update is important for you to read!

The short version: all Black Stripe and Spotty Dots Day Designers will ship the week of December 15th!

This is an update from the initial ship date of December 15th itself.

You will get a pre-shipment notification on December 15th, and this notification WILL include tracking, however, it will be a PRE-SHIPMENT notification.

All orders will ship by Saturday, December 20th.

Special attention is being given to each order and the estimated shipping time to ensure that it will reach you by Christmas.

Now, for the long story, and some more details:

The initial ship date on Black Stripe and Spotty Dots Day Designers was anticipated to be December 15th. However, in the spirit of full transparency, it looks like these product will be shipping the week OF the 15th. We are doing everything we can to get these shipped out sooner, however, it is unlikely that orders will leave BEFORE December 15th.

We want you to know what our plan is, so that you can stay fully informed on all processing and ship times.

Here’s our plan:

  • You will receive a pre-shipment notification on December 15th. This means that your order will be getting ready to ship, and you WILL receive a tracking number, however, your order will most likely not leave that day–this just means that it will leave that week!
  • Orders will be shipped from furthest away (longest ship time) to closest to us (shortest ship time), and we will ensure that your order will be received by Christmas!
  • International orders will also receive special attention to make sure they can be received by Christmas!
  • Please keep in mind however, that there are reasons beyond our control that could delay arrival such as weather or custom issues.

If you need to adjust your shipping address, please let us know NOW, by emailing

Thank you for your understanding! We are a small team, and are working very hard to get these books out the door!


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