Congratulations! You’ve made it!

Now that you’ve graduated, the key to setting yourself up for success and adjusting to your new way of life often comes down to your system for planning.

Today we’re sharing our top picks from Day Designer to send you on your way in style! Whether you’re looking for a daily planner, weekly planner, or monthly calendar—we’ve got you covered.


Best Daily Planner for Grads

2018-2019 Academic Year Flagship Daily Planner: Antigua


Best Weekly Planner for Grads

2018-2019 Academic Year Vertical Weekly Planner: Black Stripe


Best Monthly Scheduler for Grads

2018-2019 Academic Year Monthly Planner: Gold Spotty


Best Desk Calendar for Grads

2018-2019 Academic Year Blush Lizard Desk Calendar


Best Wall Calendar for Grads

2018-2019 Academic Year Gold Spotty Wall Calendar


Following graduation, it’s especially important to balance your next level of studies or new job with your personal plans and everything else that comes your way. Ready to get organized? Find balance, focus, and productivity with Day Designer.

Shop our stylish patterns, intuitively-designed page formats, and useful size options. Find your very own trusted tool for setting goals, creating a plan, and taking action each and every day!


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