Your core is what sets you apart from every other human on this planet and it is the place from which you can provide the most value. | Day Designer

Define Your Core to Design Your Life

If you’re anything like us here at Day Designer, you’re probably a pretty self-aware person. You’re focused on growth—personal, professional, spiritual, and more—and you’re well attuned to your own habits, ticks, strengths, and challenges. But do you know what make...

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Your values, your guiding principles, are what will influence your decisions, shape your life, and ultimately define you. | Day Designer

How To Discover Your Core Values

We all have values—a set of guiding principles by which we live our lives. But while most of us would acknowledge the importance of having values in our life, few of us have ever taken the time to identify what, exactly, our values are! We simply live our...

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Boosting your creativity is a valuable exercise no matter who you are—and as a bonus, it’s pretty fun too! | Day Designer

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Creativity

We’re all about encouraging creativity here at Day Designer! As business owners, designers, and people open to living lives with intention, we know that a creative mind is an open mind, a complex mind, an innovative mind. Being more creative allows you to open up to...

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Never underestimate the power of lists! Writing things down can be valuable for anyone—at any stage of life, at work or at home. | Day Designer

How Lists Simplify Your Home Life

Let’s face it—life is busy! We all have things to do and tasks that pile up—at work and at home. Even simply running a household can take a tremendous amount of time and effort, not to mention the added stress of unexpected things that often come up last minute and...

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    After years of thought, research, and applying principles to our own lives, we’re outlining the top 10 habits that can…
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    We're officially releasing our largest printable set to date: the Get Organized Printable Kit! You're sure to love our 15…

Save the Date! 2018 Daily Planner Launch

Love a planner that starts with the calendar year? Then this post is meant for you! Behind the scenes here at Day Designer, we're preparing to release our 2018 Flagship Collection in August. Mark your planner for Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 11 am CDT. This...

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Top Planning Tips To Help You Design Your Days

We all crave a life full of beautiful relationships, meaningful moments, and purposeful projects. Here at Day Designer, we know that no one wants to get to the end of her life only to look back and wish she'd lived better, loved more, and worked less. Despite this...

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How Productive People Use Lists To Perform Better At Work

It’s no secret—these days, most of us are busy! There’s always something to do, work to be done, and issues to resolve. Add to the mix the constant pressure and interruptions, and it’s little wonder that at the end of the day, we often look back at our accomplishments...

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86 Lists For The Planner Obsessed!

Here at Day Designer, we love lists. Raise your hand if you do too! You'll be happy to know that scientifically—from a neurological perspective—our brains LOVE lists. Here's why! Lists help us... • Categorize and make sense of information • Process information more...

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5 Tips For Creating Personal Development Lists

It can be common to feel like life hasn’t quite turned out how you imagined it would. Perhaps you aren't feeling satisfied with the way things are. Unfortunately, when we look at our lives and where we’re currently at, we sometimes feel a sense of dissatisfaction or...

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How To Get Past The Quitting Stage Of A New Routine

Routine is essential when it comes to creating new habits that stick. Without a routine, it’s easy for a new habit, even one that’s been set with the best of intentions, to fall to the wayside and soon be forgotten. But when it comes to sticking to new...

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A5 Luxe Collection: Restocked!

Previously sold out! Back in stock! As Day Designer founder Whitney English felt her planning needs evolve, she found herself wanting more. She needed a format that would combine the principles of the original Flagship Day Designer while offering even more...

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Daytime Routines + Habits To Be Your Best You

Earlier this month, we shared our favorite morning routines and habits as part of our 30 Days To Your Best You challenge—these habits were small, simple ways to integrate healthy new behaviors into your life every morning. But you don’t just have to start your day...

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