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How to Set a Budget for the Holiday Season

The holidays are almost upon us! And it’s never too early to create a plan for your spending in the season ahead. Having a budget will allow you to be generous and giving without breaking the bank. We sometimes get caught up in the holiday spirit and find ourselves...

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  • Day 13 Grateful for those who help us! Spread thehellip
    Day 13: Grateful for those who help us! Spread the love by tagging a teacher, coach, mentor, or service person.
  • Jennifer has a full daydesigner planning system going on andhellip
    Jennifer has a full  #daydesigner  planning system going on, and it gives us all the feels. :  @wordswithjennifer 
  • When you take the time or make the time tohellip
    When you take the time, or make the time, to invest in yourself, you will be rewarded with a tremendous…
  • Day 14 Grateful for our homes and the everyday comfortshellip
    Day 14: Grateful for our homes and the everyday comforts we often take for granted.
  • Day 15 Grateful for failure! Failing means we tried Ourhellip
    Day 15: Grateful for failure! Failing means we tried. Our mistakes help us grow, learn, and understand.  #ThankfulThursday 
  • The perfect fall day is yours to have Enjoy it!hellip
    The perfect fall day is yours to have. Enjoy it!  @mostylemomma 
  • Day 16 Grateful for a glass of wine after ahellip
    Day 16: Grateful for a glass of wine after a long week!
  • Day 17 Grateful for our favorite things! Heres to creatinghellip
    Day 17: Grateful for our favorite things! Here's to creating more time for the things we love in 2018.
  • Yall Look at this little fluff muffin named Carl hellip
    Y'all. Look at this little fluff muffin named Carl. :  @angiebellemare   #dogsfordaydesigners 
  • Day 18 Grateful for our faith Whether youre a religioushellip
    Day 18: Grateful for our faith. Whether you're a religious or spiritual person or not, life just takes faith! :…
  • On a week that can be hectic give yourself somehellip
    On a week that can be hectic, give yourself some grace to get through it!
  • Day 19 Grateful for coffee on Monday mornings!
    Day 19: Grateful for coffee on Monday mornings!

How to Avoid Perfectionism and Still Be Productive

Perfectionism doesn’t sound so bad at first. What’s wrong with having high standards, after all? Here’s what: Perfectionism is usually rooted in poor self-esteem and can keep you stuck—personally and professionally. Dr. Brene Brown, renowned researcher, speaker, and...

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Why Multi-Tasking Is a Myth

Multi-tasking is not a “skill” to be proud of. (There, we said it!) Is it actually possible to work on and successfully complete multiple tasks simultaneously? We think not. Unfortunately, multi-tasking is an unhelpful myth and detrimental to true productivity....

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How to Resist the Pull of Procrastination

Procrastination is a tempting prospect even for the most productive and focused among us. The bigger a project and the more it means to you, the greater the uncertainty that you’ll actually be able to accomplish it. You find yourself putting it off until a looming...

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The 30-Minute Start: Get Started to Gain Momentum

Have you ever noticed that time just seems to fly when you get into a groove? You finally pick your head up and realize that you’ve spent the past hour writing that blog post or working on that art project or talking to a good friend? We’re all capable of truly...

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The “Not-To-Do List” Of Bad Habits

To-do lists, for most of us, are part of our everyday routine. Making lists, accomplishing various tasks, and checking off the boxes is practical, gratifying, and even motivating. While a to-do list is an essential component of daily planning, there's another type of...

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Why Giving Yourself a Break is Vital to Achieving Success

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I’m too busy to take a break?” As a society, we tend to take a somewhat negative view of breaks. For many, they’re considered to be a sign of weakness, while working on through lunch, we feel, is indicative of a successful and...

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5 Steps for Organizing Your Clothing Situation

It happens to the best of us. With all of the roles that we're juggling, life simply gets busy. As a result, the closet becomes one of the first areas to show signs of disorganization. Before long, you realize that you don’t have a handle on what your choices are and...

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