What does success look like to you? For some it would be owning a multi-million-dollar company. For others, it’s retiring early and living in a house on the beach. For many of us, success simply involves finding a balanced life/work flow, having a fulfilling career that allows us to earn enough money, and being able to still spend time with our friends and loved ones.

While we all have our own version of what success looks like, there’s one thing that’s consistent for most successful people: they all have a routine or certain habits that they tend to stick to. These are there to guide their day and allow them to achieve results.

Everyone is different, and what works well for some won’t work as well for others. Still, there’s a lot that we can learn by observing the habits of other successful people.

If you’d like to develop or refine habits that are conducive to your own success, here’s a look at key qualities of the ultra successful.

See if there’s anything that you’ll want to borrow and use to fuel your own success!

1. They Have a Consistent Morning Routine

A tremendous number of successful people have something interesting in common: they practice a consistent morning routine. While this routine varies often considerably from person to person, a common thread can usually be seen: many nurture their bodies in the morning with water, a healthy breakfast, and light exercise—and some nurture their minds with meditation or prayer, inspirational reading, or even journaling.

2. They Look to Eliminate Distractions

While the internet can be a tremendously useful tool, it can also be a waste of time. Successful people realize this and put a limit on how much time they spend checking emails and browsing social media. Instead of checking their email all day, they often set aside time blocks to work on emails. Avoid setting your phone to alert you to every email; distracting you from your other tasks. Instead, consider allocating a certain amount of time to email and social media.

3. They Know When to Delegate

Regardless of your profession, knowing when to delegate can be a lifesaver. Successful people know when to outsource to others who will be able to perform the task more efficiently. Remember, there are certain tasks in life that don’t need to meet perfection; instead they just need to get done. When delegating, try to avoid the temptation to micromanage every aspect of the project, and instead use that time to focus on something else. After all, in the whole scheme of things, will it really matter? Don’t accept an overloaded plate; choose a few things to delegate today!

4. They Organize Their Time

Ultra-successful people are careful with their time. They know that they have 1,440 minutes in every day and work to make them count. Instead of poring over everything that they need to do that day, they map out their day using a planner or schedule, and get things done. Some successful people even plan out their day minute by minute, with Olympic gymnast, Shannon Miller being a proponent of this method. While you may not want to map out our day quite so rigidly, there is a lot of truth to the saying, “You must master your minutes to master your life.”

5. They Know When to Say No

Finally, successful people know when to say no. As Warren Buffett once said, “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.” Remember, you only have a set number of waking hours each day—make sure you use them wisely and set aside time to recharge.

While there’s a lot that we can learn from others, ultimately it’s up to you to create your own success. At the end of the day, success is less about following a specific routine, and more about having one that works for you. Use the above tips as inspiration, and then work to create your own routine; one that will allow you to work efficiently while improving your peace of mind, health, and happiness too.

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