Hi friends! We’re beyond excited to welcome Sydney from Promise Me Pearls to the Day Designer blog today! A recent college grad, Sydney is currently managing her lifestyle and fashion blog where she loves sharing everything from her favorite fashion trends to her current workout routine and everything in between.

We recently chatted with Sydney about how she balances her roles and designs her days! Read on to hear about the strategies that work best for her.

How do you create balance in your life?

I think the biggest way I create balance in my life is by keeping each day organized! I always try to make sure that my days are planned out so that I can get work done early on in the day, and I can look at my planner in the morning and know everything I need to do. This helps me manage my time so that I’m not left working late! This allows me to spend my nights doing fun things and balancing my work with fun!

How do you design your day?

I first fill in the schedule side of the Day Designer daily page! I really enjoy this aspect to the planner because it allows me to see the things I have that are scheduled for a specific time—like appointments, meetings, lunches, brunches, etc. Then I can fill out my to-do list on the other side! I try to complete the things on my top 3 first and get those out of the way so I feel like I got the most important things done first! 

Does your Day Designer stay on your desk—or go everywhere with you?

My Day Designer goes pretty much everywhere with me! I take it with me everywhere from the gym in the morning to lunch with friends! It keeps me organized, and I love being to pull it out whenever new plans come up, so I can quickly write it down before I forget!

How do you best prepare for tomorrow?

I do a couple of different things to prepare for the next day! It always starts with looking at my Day Designer. I try to look over the next day’s schedule so I have in mind what I need to do the next day. This helps me to plan out what I’m going to wear so that the outfit goes along with my plans, and I will prep my meals for the next day as well! 

Here at Day Designer, we loved hearing all about Sydney’s strategies for staying on top of her daily activities. We’re thrilled to share the gorgeous peeks of her Flagship Daily Planner. Stay tuned next week as we share her top planning tips for college students. (Who better to hear it from than a recent college grad!)

In the meantime—to stay in touch with Sydney, follow Promise Me Pearls on her Blog or Instagram!