No matter what industry you’re in, or whether you work from the office or at home—the key to reducing stress, leading a more fulfilled life, and enjoying your time largely boils down to one simple thing: organization.

Having a day that’s been strategically mapped out shows you exactly what needs to get done, let’s you see all of your tasks at a glance, and can help you to get rid of that frustrating feeling that you’re forgetting something. It’ll also help you to see whether or not you have time for extra activities, more responsibilities, and volunteer work; and likewise will show you when it may be time to cut back!

If you find yourself constantly struggling to catch up, or regularly find yourself at the end of the day, wondering where your time went, then an organization system that will help you to plan and prioritize is important.

Don’t let a lack of organization steal precious moments from your day!

Having a schedule is important. It can help to keep you on track—accomplishing everything you need and allowing you to meet your deadlines on time. However, a schedule can be used for much more than simply keeping you up-to-date with the day’s happenings.

Learning to schedule your time effectively can have a big impact on your life. The right planning can help you achieve a lot more than a simple to-do list. While there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ for scheduling methods, it is important to find what works for you to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible!

Here’s a look at how you can schedule out your day effectively, keeping both the present as well as the upcoming weeks in mind.

Choose the Right Tools

First, you’ll want to begin by choosing your preferred method of scheduling. Whatever you choose—whether it’s an online time management app, a planner, or a combination of both—it is important to choose the right tools that will help you to achieve the most. Don’t be afraid to try a few different methods in order to determine which option is best suited for you. While some people prefer to have a basic calendar app, others find that a physical planner is the best way to see, at a glance, everything that they have to do.


No matter which scheduling system you use, it’s important to plan your days out—keeping your upcoming weeks in mind. This means learning to prioritize and making time for those big-picture tasks first.

This concept can be seen using the rocks, pebbles, and sand analogy. When you try to fit large rocks into a jar of sand, there won’t be any room for them. But if you put the bigger rocks into the jar first, you’ll see that there’s also room to add pebbles and sand. When it comes to time, the same concepts apply. Try to schedule in your big projects first; otherwise, the ‘jar’ will fill up with sand and there won’t be any time left.

Revamp Your To-Do List

Now is also a good time to do away with the old to-do list. Instead of listing everything you need to do, consider scheduling out your tasks in a planner, giving yourself time blocks to accomplish them in. Mapping things out on your schedule helps to ensure that those important tasks aren’t forgotten or pushed to the back burner.

Perform Regular Schedule Checkups

Finally, it important to revisit your schedule from time to time, to make sure your tasks still align with your big-picture goals. Life changes and so do our priorities. What may have been a relevant task at the beginning of the year may not still be today. Make sure you check up on your schedule regularly and remove things that no longer apply to your life and make room for the things that are important to you.

Life is constantly changing, and your schedule should reflect this. Don’t hold yourself back by limiting yourself to to-do lists and don’t become overwhelmed by attempting to plan your entire life in an afternoon! Instead, look to take a middle ground approach for scheduling, one that works for you. By mapping out your day, keeping your tasks for today as well as your big-picture goals in mind, you’ll be able to stay organized and on track, prioritizing effectively and leading a more fulfilled and balanced life.


How do you make room in your busy schedule for all of your important tasks? Let us know in the comments below.