Your home should be your sanctuary. The place where you feel the most comfortable, happy, and at peace.

Many of us start out with the best intentions—hanging the artwork that we love, arranging our furniture in cozy ways, setting up nooks where we can relax and recharge. But, as with anything, it’s helpful to take a look around every once in awhile to make sure your home still reflects you and makes you happy.

When’s the last time you took inventory of your personal space? Does your home need a fresh start?

Here are five simple ways to refresh and revive your living space:

Take a Day to Declutter

Over the years (or even months and weeks!), we collect a lot more stuff than we realize. It can be helpful to set aside some time every few months to really review your home, and get rid of the items that are only taking up space. Those items that you may no longer love, need, or admire just become clutter—and clutter doesn’t just take up your physical space; it also affects you mentally, too.

Set aside a day or two in your Day Designer to walk through each area of your home and get rid of the items that detract more than they add to your space.

Repaint to Refresh

Sometimes all you need to freshen up a room is a fresh coat of paint! Go pick out a color that makes you happy—it might be a bright yellow or a moody blue; whatever you choose, make sure to pick a color that reflects you and puts you in a positive mood.  You might pick one wall of one room to paint in this accent color, or you might liven up every wall in every room with something new! Whether you go big or small, adding a fresh splash of paint is a quick, easy, and affordable way to refresh your home.

Bring Back Life

You and your family need not be the only living beings in your space. Try bringing some life into your home with new potted plants, a bouquet from the store, or plants and flowers you’ve grown in your own garden.

There’s a significant shift that happens when you bring plants and flowers into your home—they add color, smell good, and are quite nice to look at, too! They are also an affordable way to liven up your space, and you can easily change them for a quick pick-me-up at any time.

Add New Art

The beautiful thing about art is that it’s subjective. Its beauty and its meaning is found in the eye of the beholder. And thus, art is a great way to share more of you in your home. Whether you like modernist paintings or framed quotes written in calligraphy, art is an interesting and unique expression of you. Head to your local flea market or the nearest art gallery, and look for pieces that reflect you as you are now—then have some fun hanging your new art around your home.

Fix What’s Broken

Do you have any fix-it projects you’ve been putting off? Perhaps the bathroom sink that keeps leaking or the loose knob on your bedroom dresser? We often put off dealing with small issues like these—we all have so many things on our plate and we can live with a loose knob or two, right?—but eventually they start to affect how you feel about your personal space. If your space feels rundown, you feel rundown; and there’s always the nagging list of to-dos in the back of your mind! Take an inventory of what needs to be fixed around the house, and set aside time in your planner to tackle these projects one-by-one. You’ll be amazed how refreshed you feel when they’re fixed.


What’s one tip you’ll use to get a fresh start in your home? Share your favorite with us in the comments below!

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