Our favorite week of the year is here. We love the excitement that comes with launching next year’s planner! You can never have it too early, right? We listened to ALL of your requests and made an earlier release date possible this year. We’ve also taken note of the top questions we’re getting and compiled the answers right here! Dive in and your question just might be answered. If not, simply shoot us a note or catch us live.*

I’m so excited! When can I get my 2018 planner?

Our 2018 daily planner collection launched on Wednesday, August 2 in the Day Designer online shop. Orders are shipping right away!

I’m getting the Flagship. What are my options for the cover?

You can choose between TEN Flagship cover styles! We brought back five best-selling styles from our 2017 collection and added five new styles which were originally released as part of our Midyear collection. Haven’t seen them yet? You’re sure to LOVE! View the cover styles here. Plus, we have one more Flagship cover to tell you about below!

I love the Mini. Which covers can I choose from?

Choose between FIVE Mini styles: Black Spotty, Black Stripe, Painterly Floral, Palm, and Tile Blue. Check them out here! We have one more Mini style to tell you about below…

I’m confused. What is the difference between the Flagship and the Mini?

The only differences between the Flagship and the Mini are the overall size and the hours listed on the daily pages. Here are some specifics to help you decide which will be the best fit for you:

– Overall Dimensions:  9 x 9.75″ | Page Dimensions:  7.3 x 9.5″ | Weight: 2 lbs.
– Daily planning pages with scheduling from 5am-9pm. TRY IT TODAY—for free!

– Overall Dimensions:  6.625 x 8.3” | Page Dimensions:  6 x 8.125” | Weight: 1.5 lbs.
– Daily planning pages with scheduling from 7am-7pm. TRY IT TODAY—for free!

Day Designer Flagship + Mini | 2018 Daily Planner | Black Stripe

But wait, is there a Belle & Blush collaboration this year?

YES! Belle & Blush is offering an exclusive cover style in both our Flagship and Mini sizes called Rosey Posey! (This style is only be offered through Belle & Blush.)

Where can I take a look at the interior pages?

Check out images within the individual product listings in the Day Designer online shop! For a closer look at our signature daily planning page, download it here: Flagship | Mini.

I’ve used Day Designer for years! Should I be prepared for any big changes?

Not at all! This is the same Flagship or Mini Day Designer that you’ve learned you can’t live without—with our largest selection of covers ever and 2018 dates, of course. You’ll find your goal-setting worksheets in front followed by monthly overview pages, daily pages, and combined weekend pages.

Why should I get my 2018 planner now?

How is already August? January is sneaking up on us quickly! Ordering your 2018 planner now is the secret to adding those 2018 appointments right when you need to. Who wants plans jotted down on sticky notes (or getting lost!) while you wait for a place to put them? (Not us!)

What are people saying about Day Designer?

“This multi-purpose planner does it all. Through specialized pages that help you plan in various increments of time, you’ll be able to set and track your goals with ease. Not to mention, the beautifully designed hard cover!” – InStyle

Also featured as a top planner choice on Huffington Post (here, here, and here) and PopSugar.

“I LOVE YOUR PLANNERS! They help me keep my busy, stressful life more organized and less chaotic! High five.” – Follower on Instagram

And another:

“I’m SO in love with this planner. It really makes you think about your goals for the day, month and year and has forced me to get control of my daily schedule. I feel so less stressed! Thank you so much!” – Customer Review

What can I expect on launch day?

A couple of quick reminders: If you’ve moved, please make sure to update your shipping address. And we do take international orders!

You can email us anytime, but on launch day, we’re also hosting something special. Chat live with our team via Facebook messenger on Wednesday, August 2 from 10:00 am until 5 pm CDT! We’re happy to answer any questions as you’re figuring out which 2018 planner is right for you.

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