Raise your hand if you could use a quick boost of happiness to brighten your day? Why not, right?

Making an intentional effort to shift our thoughts when they get out of line is key to our overall happiness. Thoughts are powerful. If left unchecked, they can send us into a downward spiral of negativity. And who wants that? Not us, not you!

Be careful that the thoughts you are thinking about yourself, your environment, and your circumstances are positive. Try not to dwell on what you didn’t like about the past and don’t let the self-doubt and second-guessing come in. Instead, be mindful of your thoughts—and learn to direct them. On days when you feel defeated or overwhelmed, it’s important to take the time to readjust your mindset!

In celebration of Positive Thinking Day, here are 4 quick hacks you can try right now to think happier thoughts!

1. Take a Walk

Few things can improve your mood like getting outside and enjoying some fresh air! Sometimes, simply removing yourself from the situation and getting a new perspective on things can get you back on track for a better day.

Going out for a walk can increase your energy levels, better equip you to deal with stress, and increase happiness. This is because movement stimulates blood flow and helps to release your pent-up feelings. Head outside and come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated—the perfect mental reset!

2. Listen to Music

If you find negative thoughts sneaking in or you simply want to reset your mood, crank up the tunes! Music has been proven to increase happiness, reduce anxiety, provide motivation, and elevate mood. Consider creating a specific playlist to play during these times—one that is full of positive music that will improve your outlook and have you feeling your happiest in no time!

3. Accomplish Something

When you’re feeling down, your mind might trick you into thinking that you can’t accomplish anything at all. Combat these feelings by getting something done! Take a look at your to-do list, and identify a realistic task to accomplish now. It might even be a fun one, such as signing up online for workout classes, or arranging a birthday lunch for a co-worker, or returning a call to a friend! Simply check something off of your to-do list. The feeling of making a forward step towards a goal or priority will result in happy thoughts all over again!

4. Practice Gratitude

One of the most effective ways to fill your mind with positivity and lift your mood is through feelings of gratitude. There’s even evidence to suggest that practicing gratitude can change the way you think of the world and rewire your brain for happiness, and even health! Your practice can be as simple as refocusing your thoughts by thinking of something that you’re grateful for.

The daily pages within the Flagship Daily Planner by Day Designer prompt you to list at least one thing each day that you’re grateful for. Consistently seeing what you filled in as your daily gratitude in your planner will keep the positive thoughts flowing all day! A regular practice of gratitude will give you a new perspective on what’s important and will remind you of just how much you have to be thankful for.


Do you have a go-to strategy for positive thinking? Which one of these will you try today? Let us know in the comments below!