It’s hard to believe that we’re already more than halfway through the year. (Weren’t we just setting those New Year’s Resolutions yesterday?!) But that also means we’re moving into one of our favorite seasons—summertime!

The mid-year months can often be filled to the brim with activity—summer camps, BBQs, and pool parties galore! But, when not planned with care and intention, they can also be filled with laziness, lethargy, and even some “What should we do today?” boredom.

Trust us—there’s no shortage of fun activities to keep you busy in the warm, sunny months ahead. And today we’re sharing just a few of our favorite ways to make sure you’re planning for an amazing summer!

Make a Summer Bucket List

Start by figuring out just exactly what you’d like to do! Here’s your opportunity to think big: What have you been wanting to try for awhile? Is there a place you’ve been longing to visit? Have each member of your family write down 3-5 things on their individual summer bucket lists—including at least one activity for the whole family. Then sit down and review your lists together; culling your selections until you’ve curated one Summer Bucket List for the whole family! Then, plan your top pick activities and schedule them in your planner.

Get the free Summer Bucket List from Day Designer here!

Keep Your Mind Fresh

Just because school’s out for summer doesn’t mean you should stop learning! Keep your mind sharp by regularly taking in new and interesting information. Schedule regular trips to the library to pick up new books. Or sign up for workshops or summer school courses at your local community college. Go see a new movie, visit a museum, or take in a concert or summer music festival! Much like the rest of the year, there’s a lot to see, learn, and do—but perhaps in these slower summer months, you might have a little extra time to take advantage of them.

Spend Quality Time With Someone Special

Pick one night a week (or whenever works for your schedule and budget) and plan time in your calendar to try fun, new date nights with your partner, your kids, or your best friend. It doesn’t have to be expensive either! You could go see a reading by your favorite author, take in a play at the community theater, go to a baseball game, or even spend a few hours walking around the zoo. Try to come up with fun and new ways to spend time together! The only thing that truly matters is that you’re planning for quality time with the people you love.

Plan a “Staycation”

Have you ever had a guest in from out of town—and as you were planning fun stuff to do with them, you realized that there’s so many things to do and see in your own area? Well, you don’t have to wait for a visitor to start exploring all of the fun that’s right under your nose. Escape your everyday and become a tourist in your own town or city! Act as if you’ve never been there before, and start researching some of the fun activities you can try or sights you can see just miles (or maybe even blocks!) from your house. You may find a whole new appreciation for the place you call home!

Stay Active Outside

In nearly every area of the country, summertime brings the sunshine—often staying warm and light long into the evening hours. With all this good weather, why not spend more time moving your body outdoors? Go on a hike and enjoy an al fresco picnic lunch at the end. Or, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, you could plan a camping trip. You might even try using the great outdoors as your personal gym! Find outdoor stairs to run up and down, climb a few trees, or take your dogs for a few laps around the local track. If you want to get more people involved, you might set up a neighborhood parade or fun 5K and top it off with a block party at the end. There’s literally no limit to the activities you can do once you step outside! Make some plans and mark them in your Day Designer.

What do you have planned for the summer? Share your fun activities with us in the comments below!