With jobs, families, friends, and plenty of other personal endeavors, it’s no wonder our lives can seem a chaotic mess sometimes! There’s always something to be scheduled, to be paid, to be attended, and more. But at Day Designer, we try to cut back on the mess—after all, we’re all about living lives of purpose with intention. And you can’t do that very well when you feel disorganized.

So today we’re sharing five of our favorite tools—both online and off—to help you take back control of some of the more important areas of your life and keep your many plates successfully spinning!

1. Daily Planner

We would be remiss not to start with our very favorite organizational tool! The Day Designer isn’t just a day planner—though it is a great one! It’s a system designed to help you live intentionally. (But you knew that already, right?) Through a guided framework, the Day Designer helps you set goals, create plans, and take purposeful action toward your goals on a daily basis. In addition to that, the Day Designer houses your daily to-do lists, meetings and appointments, notes, daily gratitude, favorite inspirational quotes, and more! It’s a one-stop-shop for keeping your life organized and your sanity intact.

2. Unroll.me

This amazing service will help you clean up and organize your email inbox in a hurry. You simply login with your email address, review the list of your email subscriptions (that Unroll.me compiles for you)—then either unsubscribe or “roll up” anything that you don’t want to keep in your inbox! What does it mean to “roll up?” Any subscription that you want to keep, but don’t need to see immediately will be rolled up into one email that is sent to you once daily. That one daily digest will give you a short preview of all of your “rolled up” subscriptions. Read through them at the end of every day, or at your leisure!

3. Mail Sorting Bin

When you grab your mail, do you sort it right away? You should! Sorting your mail into piles that indicate what needs to be thrown away, what needs to be followed up on, and what needs to be saved—often takes far less time than we assume it will. Instead of throwing your mail on the counter to be dealt with later, take a couple minutes to sort through the stack, give each piece of mail a home, prioritize what needs your attention . . . and identify what can go straight into the trash or recycle bin.

4. LastPass

It can be tough to securely keep track of the many passwords you accumulate online. LastPass helps you easily keep them organized and accessible—but only to you! Instead of creating passwords that are easy to remember (for you and anyone else!), or writing all of your passwords down on a paper you might lose, try organizing them in LastPass. You can quickly and easily save passwords for any and all websites by downloading their browser extension. Then you create one master password, and save the rest—never having to think about or remember (or worry!) about them again.

5. Note Paper

Yes, this last one sounds simple, but it’s important. Having a piece of paper handy to jot down notes, ideas, questions, projects, or reminders is vital. How many times have you thought of something important—while in the middle of something else—then forgotten it only minutes later? Carrying note paper around with you will ensure you capture all of your brilliance, all of the time. Luckily, you might not need to go out and buy another notebook. Every Day Designer comes with several pieces of paper for this very purpose and a notes section on almost every page.

What’s your favorite organizational tool? Have you tried any from the list above? Share your suggestions with us in the comments below!

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