How is it possible that Spring is already here? If we weren’t following along in our planners, we’d swear it was just New Year’s Eve. Alas, we’re moving into the fourth month of the year – and we’re absolutely thrilled for the fresh start that spring always promises to bring!

Along with the start of this new season, the beginning of the second quarter of the year is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning – of your life.

Here are our favorite ways to spring clean your life and start fresh this month!

1. Reassess your goals

Consider the last three months. What goals did you set? What were your priorities? What have you been working to accomplish? Are your goals and priorities still working for you? Is it time to change direction?

The beauty of goals is that they can change! If something is no longer working for you, okay. If that particular goal or area of your life is no longer a priority, no problem! Or maybe your priorities and goals are still right on target, and you just need to revisit them and recommit yourself to their achievement.

No matter what you discover, you’re getting clear and re-committing. You’re starting fresh with the priorities and goals that make the most sense for you right now.

2. Declutter your space

You knew this one was coming, right? This may be the most obvious sort of “spring cleaning,” but that’s because it works! Go through your environment – your home, your car, your desk – and declutter. Eliminate what you don’t need, organize what you keep. Make your space fresh, clean, and open!

Remember that the environment where you spend the majority of your time has an effect on you. It can influence your mood, your mindset, and your motivation! Why not tidy up and set yourself up for the best possible experience this season?

3. Reduce digital distractions

Another important way to spring clean your life is to overhaul your emails, social media accounts, phone apps, and all of those pesky notifications that you receive throughout your day!

We’re constantly distracted by technology. Eliminate what’s unnecessary or what’s not serving you by unsubscribing, unfollowing, and muting what you don’t really need to receive.

Make conscious choices to turn off notifications, delete apps, and allocate some tech-free time each day!

Pro-tip: Relying on a planner enables you to schedule your time and plan your tasks off-line.

4. Make plans to enjoy the season

The number one reason we create tools to help you be more productive is to open up time for what’s most important to you!

Identify what matters most this season – and plan it! Reach out to family and friends to set up a time to get together (safely!). Make a bucket list of activities – the farmer’s market, a hike, maybe even a weekend getaway. Consider planting a garden or sprucing up your outdoor space. And don’t forget to carve out time for self-care!

5. Treat yourself to fresh flowers!

Finally, it’s time to treat yourself! Celebrate the start of spring and kick off the new month with a bouquet of flowers. Whichever ones you choose, fresh flowers will add life to your space, brighten up the room, and boost your mood for the days to come! You deserve it.

• • •

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be another to-do on your list. It can be the perfect opportunity to get clear on what matters most to you and start fresh in every area of your life!

What’s one step you can take to spring clean your life today? Let us know how you’re starting fresh in the comments below!