We all love the benefits of an organized desk, right?

There’s something refreshing about a tidy space that helps us focus and concentrate. A clear workspace can also help us feel less stressed in that we aren’t overwhelmed by clutter, and we don’t have to search for things when we need them!

While you aim to tidy up your office, though, it may be time to declutter your mind as well.

The mind is a complex, fascinating place—full of thoughts, hopes, dreams, and memories. With so much happening upstairs, it’s easy to see why our thoughts sometimes turn into a jumbled mess. All too often, our minds start mentally jumping from thought to thought without being able to focus wholeheartedly on any single task at hand.

To declutter the mind, the best strategy is to think of it as an ongoing process, like keeping your workspace clean.

Looking for more focus, clarity, and direction? Here are seven strategies to help you declutter your mind!

1. Get Organized

Stop trying to remember everything! Putting things down on paper allows you to clear your mind of all the clutter, and helps you to keep track of everything you have to do. There are all kinds of useful tools available that will help you to get organized. Consider a planner that will help you map out your days as well as your months and weeks. Getting organized will help you free up important brain space and will allow you to see, at a glance, exactly what’s happening. Instead of focusing on remembering things, you’ll be able to focus on getting things done!

2. Journal

Keeping a journal is an amazing way to release your thoughts. Don’t worry, though! Your musings don’t need to be profound. The great thing about journaling is that it allows you to unload the constant chatter that goes on inside your head. Write down your struggles, worries, and concerns. Empty it all out into your journal and free up your mind!

3. Eliminate the Negative

Discover what’s important in your life. Focus on your goals and plans, and determine what type of a life you want to live; what kind of person you want to be. Then, try to be aware of thoughts that are taking up space in your mind—things that are causing you worry and stress and those that aren’t helping you on towards your goals. Take action to eliminate these unnecessary stressors.

4. Get More Sleep

Adequate sleep is essential for your well-being—both physically and mentally. When you’re tired, your mind works overtime, and your thoughts can easily become scattered. It’s harder to focus, and small problems can seem bigger than they are—leaving you overwhelmed and frustrated. While the ideal amount of sleep varies from person to person, some can function on six hours while others may need nine or more, it’s important to identify how much sleep you need in order to function at your absolute best—and then work to improve your sleep habits.

5. Take Time to Breathe

Sometimes, clearing your mind can be as simple as making time to take a break. If you’re feeling distracted and overwhelmed, it’s time for a breather. Walking outside is a great way to de-stress and refresh the mind.

6. Be Grateful

Practicing gratitude is an ideal way to help reset your mind. It allows you to feel better and more at peace. While being grateful isn’t always easy, adopting a thankful mindset can offer great benefits in the long run. It can provide a shift in focus, allowing you to dwell on things that matter most, instead of feeling overwhelmed with worries and day-to-day stresses.

7. Consider Your Sources

Have you ever stopped to consider how information gets into your head? Slightly-biased news sites, TV shows, and social media all contribute to our thoughts and influence what we think about. All of this impacts the type of people that we’re striving to be. Be mindful of the information that goes in by setting limitations on any negative sources. Feed your mind with things that will help you grow!

Remember, decluttering your mind is much like clearing your desk. It’s not a one-time event, but rather a continual process of organization, elimination, and renewal.

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Are you inspired to find more focus and clarity by decluttering your mind? Which strategies will you implement first?