Living a more adventurous life might sound nice, but adventure doesn’t just happen on its own. You have to take charge and make it happen.

Naturally, that might make it sound impossible. After all, what can you do to make a regular day adventurous? Most people don’t exactly consider getting up, going to work, coming home and cooking dinner to be an adventure.

While you don’t have to jump out of an airplane or climb the highest mountain, you do have the power to bring more adventure and excitement into your life. Doesn’t waking up each morning feeling more eager to start your day sound great?

Change Up Your Routine

Even the simplest changes help you live a more adventurous life. No matter how busy or hectic life is, you can make small changes to your routine. Since adventure doesn’t just happen, start adding it in by taking baby steps.

A few simple ways to do this include:

  • Take a different route to work
  • Have a fun themed dinner
  • Plan a local weekend mini-vacation or day trip
  • Host a game night with family or friends
  • Watch or listen to something new
  • Schedule a self-care day
  • Change up your office or cubicle

All of those are doable. Just making the mundane fresh makes life more exciting!

Embrace Hobbies

Adventure is something that excites you. It doesn’t have to be extreme, though that’s perfectly fine too. When was the last time you really embraced your hobbies?

You’re probably busy with work and/or school, family, friends and other obligations. Somewhere along the way, hobbies just faded away.

Bring those back! Adventure doesn’t just happen. That’s why curiosity exists – to push you to add adventure to your life. Squashing curiosity isn’t good for you as it’s vital to learning and living a more fulfilled life.

Go ahead and explore your interests. Give yourself a set time each day or week to have fun with your hobbies. It doesn’t matter what they are or whether you do them alone or with others.

The key is to let your curiosity guide you as you learn something new, master a new skill and take time to fully enjoy doing something you love.

Take Chances

Fear of failure happens. Never trying means never failing, but in reality, you’re failing at living a more adventurous life.

The easiest way to add more adventure is to start taking chances. Always dreamed of visiting a certain place? Plan out the trip and do it. Even the planning part will seem adventurous.

Want to run a marathon? Start training today. Want to meet new people? Start volunteering or participating in local classes or clubs.

It may be scary at first, but you’ll find yourself feeling less trapped by your daily routine. Plus, once you get used to taking chances, you take more. This leads to even more adventure in your daily life. You’ll even discover new things about yourself, such as new interests and passions.

Take One Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

This is probably the hardest part. Taking a chance might not seem that hard if you’re still safely in your comfort zone.

But, what about really stepping outside of your comfort zone? For example, maybe you’d love to sing karaoke with friends, but you’re terrified of being in front of a group of people. You long for the adventure and excitement, but you don’t think you’re that kind of person.

Do one thing every week to step outside your comfort zone. Maybe it’s standing up for yourself or doing karaoke in your home with just a few friends. With each small step, you get closer to living those adventurous dreams.

Plan It Out

Remember being a child and dreaming about your future? You even took steps to get closer to your dreams. Each accomplishment was the end of an adventurous journey.

You might not be a child anymore, but daydreaming doesn’t stop with childhood. Adventure doesn’t just happen. It starts by deciding what you want to do and planning how to do it.

Write down all the things you want to do and try. Write down boring parts of your routine you want to spice up.

Daydream and live an intentionally more adventurous life through planning. Do this today and tomorrow might just be your first new adventure.

Start planning today with help from a Flagship Planner by Day Designer. Remember, adventure awaits!