Hi friends! We’re so excited to welcome the adorable Jessica from Belle Adore to the Day Designer blog today! Jessica is a college student over at The University of Richmond (her absolute dream school!). Between classes, jobs, and extra-curriculars—she loves exploring Richmond and all the good restaurants, coffee shops, and local stores! On her blog and social media pages, you’ll find Jessica sharing her (impeccable, might we add!) sense of style and her immense love for travel.

Balancing the blog plus her studies throughout the school year—and currently a full-time internship—calls for some serious planning! We have been impressed with how she juggles it all, and we’re honored that a Day Designer Flagship planner is the system that helps her do just that.

We recently chatted with Jessica about how she strives to balance it all and how she designs her days! Read on to hear about the strategies that work best for her.

How do you create balance in your life?

This is a great question and one that I’ve been asking myself a lot recently! This summer, I’m interning at QVC on their organic social media marketing team and it’s been a crazy summer, to say the least. I love my job and the work I’m doing but this is my first time with a ‘real’ 9 to 5 job! Most of my friends are all in the same work situation this summer so we make a point to do something fun after work every week! It really takes away some of the routine that the job brings!

I try to make time for things I love to do and sometimes that means I have to write myself reminders or schedule time during my day for those things! Something as little as sitting outside and finishing a book, going for a run, or cooking dinner with my friends or family can instantly lift my mood from a long day at work. If I notice myself starting to get burnt out, I definitely put an extra focus on these things! Every morning starts with a list of intentions, to-do’s, reminders, and random thoughts—and that really helps me get my day started on the right note!

How do you design your day?

Lately, my days have been starting early! I get to work at around 8:30, a little bit before the rest of my team so that gives me time to get coffee and get myself situated and ready for work!

I check the calendar that I share with my team to see what is on the agenda for the day and I write any meetings down on the hourly breakdown of my Day Designer! I always run through my emails because my managers will have usually sent me a few notes the night before and if there’s anything I need to complete or remind them of, I’ll write them down on the To-Do section! I find that writing these things down in the morning and having this routine helps to prevent anything from getting lost in my inbox!


Belle Adore: A Peek Into Her Day Designer

Does your Day Designer stay on your desk—or go everywhere with you?

I keep my Day Designer in my tote bag all the time so that means it’s usually always with me! When I get to work I fill out my day and keep it open on my desk! It’s helpful to be able to flip through the days and see the tasks you’ve completed/have yet to complete – I find this easier than scrolling through my inbox! Having my Day Designer next to me on my desk also lets me jot down quick notes or reminders and help keep me on a schedule!

How do you best prepare for tomorrow?

One of the great things about being an intern this summer is not being able to take my work ‘home’ with me since we don’t use our laptops! Being able to leave work at work really helps me to stay excited and focused on work!

Something that I make sure to do is to transfer any of the tasks I didn’t complete that day over to the next day’s ‘To-Do’ section. I try to do a little bit of meal prepping for my lunches so I’m not rushing the next morning. I’ll finish up any other projects I’m working on, whether that be my blog or for the boutique I also work at on the weekends, I’ll plan my outfit the night before and make sure I have everything I need in my work bag (including my Day Designer, of course!) and I’ll set my alarms for the morning and try to get a full night’s sleep!

Belle Adore: A Peek Into Her Day Designer

Here at Day Designer, we loved hearing all about Jessica’s strategies for staying on top of her jobs and her studies while creating time for family, friends, and self-care. We’re thrilled to share the gorgeous peeks of her Flagship Daily Planner! Stay tuned next week as we share her top back-to-school essentials. Given her swoon-worthy style, you won’t want to miss it!

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