Earlier this week, we highlighted the importance of personal growth through lifelong learning. After all, how balanced can your life be if you don’t feel internally balanced—in mind, body, and soul?

But, of course, there’s more to a balanced life than that. You can’t realistically maintain balance in your life (whether for yourself or with other people) if you’re not being a careful (and caring) steward of your time, money, and energy—your three most valuable resources. These support how you show up in every area of your life.

Today, we’re offering some quick tips to help you nurture (or restore) these resources in order to effectively sustain balance in your life:

For your Time: Commit to Focus

Most of our wasted moments are those that are distracted. Commit to being more present and focused, whatever you may be doing—whether that’s finishing up the big report for tomorrow’s presentation or cooking dinner for the family. Give your full attention to whatever your task is. We guarantee you’ll be amazed at how much more quickly you drop into a state of flow, how much faster things get done, and how much more time you have to focus on fun and important activities that you can devote your full attention to.

It’s also important to be selective and say no to requests that are not aligned with your own set of goals and priorities!

For your Money: Maintain a Budget

We’ve talked about how to build a budget. Let us remind you that having a budget doesn’t need to be scary, hard, or entirely prohibitive. Creating a budget is about building a plan and a structure to enjoy your life now—and in the future! Think about it this way: The less time you spend worried about your money (and where it’s going and whether you have enough and what bills you need to pay), the more time you’ll be able to spend focused on yourself and your life. (We’re all about balance, remember?)

In order to spend and save more intentionally, take some time to create a simple, easy-to-follow budget and schedule regular times to review it. And psst – don’t forget about our handy Bill Pay Checklist printable, too!

For your Energy: Plan Ahead

Your energy level is a vital component of having a productive and happy day. It’s important to become aware of what drains your energy and what gives you a boost. Exercise, healthy eating, good sleep habits, and proper self-care are all known to help increase your energy level. Are you making these a priority in your life?

Sure, you won’t always be full of energy, but you can build up and sustain your energy a lot longer if you’re taking good care of yourself. Plan ahead and incorporate these healthy habits into your schedule. Meal planning is an excellent way to streamline tasks that could otherwise drain your energy while ensuring that you’ll fuel your body throughout the week. Try it!

* * *

Balanced goals in life include making the most of your resources and stewarding them in a supportive way. Remember, if you’re doing all that you can on the day you’ve been given with the time you’ve been given, then that is totally enough. It’s all about how you manage it.

We have just the tool you need to make a plan, set goals, and track your progress. Day Designer is a simple and easy system created to help you find balance in support of your ultimate goal to live a well-designed life. View our latest edition here!

Today’s post is part of our all-new blog series about Creating Balance in 5 Easy Steps. Next week, we’ll conclude our Creating Balance series with a focus on your career (because, while important, business is the last key in the balance puzzle) and how you can best fit it into the rest of your life. Read the next post here: How to Balance Business & Career. In case you missed our previous posts in the series, read here:

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How will you nurture the most important resources in your life? Share your favorite tip with us in the comments below!