Last week we shared our favorite morning routines and habits to start your day with intention—but as any avid Day Designer fan knows, planning and practicing inspiring habits and routines throughout the day is the foundation of a well-designed life.

After all, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives, right?

Much like the morning habits we shared, our favorite daytime habits are small, simple ways to integrate healthy new behaviors into your life every day.

Here are just a few habits you can start implementing into your daily routine today:

Focus on the positive.

There is power in positive thinking! If you are consistently focused on what isn’t working and what you don’t have, well then, you’ll only experience more of that in your life. Start to become aware of your thoughts, instead of being lost in them. When you find yourself thinking something negative, flip the thought around. Can you view this from a positive perspective instead? Why not try to visualize the experience you want? You can change your life just by changing your thoughts.

Practice saying no.

The word “yes” gets a lot of credit for being the most positive response, but sometimes saying “no” is the better option. Try to find something to say “no” to every day—it might be an unhealthy choice or an opportunity that doesn’t align with your priorities. At the same time, if you really think you should do something, but you really don’t want to do it—say yes! This habit isn’t just about saying “no;” it’s about developing self-discipline and communicating honestly and authentically.

Throw something away.

It’s easy to become surrounded by clutter in this day and age. By continuously consuming without purging the items that no longer serve you, you may soon find yourself surrounded by things that take up space without adding value. Try throwing one thing away every day. Getting into the habit of doing this once a day will help you avoid decision fatigue and help control your clutter at the same time.

Review your finances.

If you’re living an intentional life, you probably already have a budget (or, at least, some idea of your spending habits), but how often do you look at it? It’s good practice to review your finances at least once a day. The power of knowledge when it comes to your finances will affect your monetary decisions throughout the day. Take a quick glance at your bank account and add any bills that need to be paid to your planner. Set your budget for the day, review where you spend, and stick to your limits! When you review your overall budget at the end of the month, we promise you’ll be glad you did.

Practice smiling.

Go into your day with a smile on your face! It may seem silly to have to make smiling a habit, but you may be surprised by how strange and unnatural it feels at first. Smiling more will make you happier. A simple smile can change the course of your day and brighten it for others! So start practicing that smile until it does feel natural—and watch it transform your morning, your days, and the rest of your life!

Tidy your papers.

Take some time every day to review the papers on your desk and around your home. Which ones do you need to keep on hand? Which ones need to be filed away? You might start by creating categories for your incoming papers: file, bills, notes, catalogs. Create a home for each of these things around your house and spend time every day putting each paper in its proper place.

Drink water all day.

Most of us don’t drink nearly enough water! The easy, general advice to remember is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. That can be tricky to remember, so try drawing eight boxes in your Day Designer, and ticking them off as you drink your eight glasses a day! You might also want to invest in a good water bottle and carry it around with you. Just the sight of it will be a good reminder to hydrate!

Get up and move.

Don’t forget to get up and move every day! Try scheduling stretching breaks in your planner, or taking time to walk around the block. Just remember to keep your blood flowing. Not only will this increased movement be healthy for you physically, taking active breaks will improve your mood, your creativity, your focus, and your productivity. This simple habit improves so many areas of your life!

Compliment others.

Reach out and say something positive to friends, family, coworkers, or even strangers a few times a day. Spread some joy!

Plan for tomorrow.

Spend some time near the end of every day planning for the next. Review tomorrow’s schedule in your planner, adjust meetings and appointments as needed, identify your top three to-dos and list them out. Think through what you’ll need for each appointment and set those items aside—or, better yet, tuck them into your planner. This way you’ll be able to jump right in when tomorrow comes!

Clear your desk.

Finally, clean off your desk as one final step before finishing up work for the day. This is a great practice whether you work from a company office or utilize a desk at home. Your day will feel more complete by reviewing, organizing, and cleaning up the items on your desk. It should only take 5-10 minutes a day—and you’ll feel that much more ready to start the day when you return to your desk in the morning!

While incorporating new, positive habits into your life is important, we encourage you to remember the real reason you’re implementing these routines—to give you more time to focus on what matters most!

One of the most important daily habits you can keep in mind is to nurture your relationships and be more present with those you love. Schedule time to catch up with family, meet a friend for lunch, or plan a date night with your partner. You will always be your best you in the presence of those you most love!

Which daytime habits will you incorporate into your life this week? Let us know your favorite new routine in the comments below!