50 Best Practices for living a Well-Designed Life | Day Designer

Touch your planner before you touch your phone, practice gratitude, and other ways to live your best life.

What is a well-designed life?

While this answer differs for each of us, there is a thread that runs true for everyone. And it’s a simple one, too: despite our dreams, ambition, and hustle, we each care deeply about the people in our lives, and we know they matter the most. When we say we are looking for work-life balance, we don’t usually mean we’re looking to hustle harder; we mean we are looking for a few extra minutes to spend with those we love.


January 1, 2017: After originally sharing our 50 best practices for living a well-designed life, a printable–even frameable–version was in high demand. HERE IT IS! We hope these reminders inspire you to live a more fulfilled life each and every day.

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