A well-designed life sounds ideal, right? But, if we’re not quite there yet, how do we make it from where we are right now to a life that seems designed perfectly for us?

Well, it’s not something you can just do overnight. However, it is a path you can start on right now! A great place to begin, and one that’s honestly pretty fun to do, is to start looking at your life through the “sparking joy” focus that Marie Kondo has taught us all about.

“Does it spark joy?” is the question that she suggests that we ask ourselves when decluttering our homes. Here at Day Designer, we believe this is the perfect question to also help us design our lives.

Personally, we should all take a lesson from Marie Kondo. If something’s not sparking joy in your life, it’s probably time for a change! We’re not suggesting a complete overhaul on day one, but here’s how to get started!

Less Clutter—More Joy and Balance

How many of us are guilty of the “organized chaos” excuse for a desk spilling over with papers or a countertop filled with clutter? All of that chaos isn’t good for anyone. According to Psychology Today, the simple act of decluttering helps create a renewed sense of confidence and can even help reduce anxiety. We could all benefit from that!

Throughout the process, you’ll find hidden treasures that bring back happy memories and make you feel more like the person you want to be. You’ll eliminate clutter and replace it with an organized space that best reflects you and what’s most important to you. Surrounding yourself with the things and people who spark the most joy in your life, you start to find more joy and balance.

Decluttering also comes with a slew of other absolutely amazing benefits. For instance, you might just get a nice creativity boost, work through some issues, free up more time (who doesn’t want more hours in the day), sleep better, and create more positive energy in your home!

You start to get more control over how you want your life to be designed. Instead of relying on organized chaos, you take charge and get closer to a well-designed life that you’re proud of.

Sparking Joy In All Areas Of Your Life

Tidying your home is great, but is it enough? We all have to start somewhere, but a clean home that inspires joy is just the beginning. Striking joy doesn’t have to just apply to belongings. Take the time to declutter other aspects of your life by seeing what does and doesn’t bring you joy anymore, such as:

  • Taking charge of your schedule and designing days with commitments and to-dos that work best for you
  • Spending more time on the relationships that uplift versus drain
  • Letting go of toxic people on social media
  • Consolidating debts and mastering your financial situation
  • Working towards a job you love versus one you dread

You can even spark joy by helping others—because when we bring joy to those around us, we add happiness to our own lives!

Design Your Best Life by Saying Yes and No to the Right Things

To do all of the above and live a well-designed life, you have to learn to decipher when to say yes and when to say no. When something isn’t sparking any joy whatsoever, a strong, respectful “no” might be hard to say at first—but it’s one of the best things you can do to take better care of yourself. Your life needs balance and that means having more time for what brings you joy. So, just say “no” to the things that don’t align with what’s most important!

Through these strategies, we believe you’ll be well on your way to designing a joyful life. Map our your plans with the daily planner system that’s been touted as life changing by many within our Day Designer community. And remember—you’ve got this!