As schedules fill up again and to-do lists get longer, it can be hard to find the right balance. Whether you’re juggling your studies and your career or perhaps a new business and your volunteer roles PLUS taking care of yourself and possibly an entire family – signs of stress, burnout, and overwhelm can start to take over, especially when you’re spending too much time in one area and neglecting another.

Balance is important for every stage of life – no matter if you’re in school, busy with a family, achieving professional goals, or retired. But what does a well-balanced life look like? And more importantly, how can you start living a balanced life?

Today, we’re sharing our top tips for how to find balance on a daily basis. When you prioritize balance throughout each day, you’ll soon realize that you’re actually making big strides when it comes to finding balance in the big picture of life as well.

1. Get dressed and follow a morning routine

Getting dressed first thing boosts productivity and sets the tone for the rest of your day!

A great morning makes it so much easier to handle any obstacles and challenges in your path as you go about your day. The first step is to identify a morning routine that works best for you. Need some help getting started? We shared our top tips last month: Morning Routines + Habits To Live Your Best Life.

(Remember, your days off are another story. We love to lounge in our PJs or robe on those mornings!)

2. Prioritize your top three to-dos

Writing down everything you want to do and then trying to do it all doesn’t lead to a balanced life. You’re more likely to find balance when you live consciously and purposefully, without feeling constantly conflicted. Identify your top three projects, to-dos, or goals of the day – and focus on those.

3. Eat healthy, hydrate often, sleep well

Your energy level is a vital component of a happy, balanced day. It’s important to become aware of what drains your energy and what gives you a boost. Exercise, healthy eating, good sleep habits, and proper self-care are all known to help increase your energy level. Are you making these a priority in your life?

Sure, you won’t always be full of energy, but you can build up and sustain your energy a lot longer if you’re taking good care of yourself. Plan ahead and incorporate healthy habits into your schedule. Meal planning is an excellent way to streamline tasks that could otherwise drain your energy while ensuring that you’ll fuel your body throughout the week

Drinking enough water every day is vital to feeling and looking your best, yet most of us simply don’t get enough. Start your day with a full water bottle. Then, refill it throughout the day to get your recommended ounces.

4. Keep moving – walk, run, dance!

One of the best habits to create balance in your day is movement. It sounds simple – and it is. All you have to do is add regular movement to your day. No, you don’t have to do an hour of cardio every day. You can absolutely just schedule in short exercise and stretch breaks here and there. Try walking, running, and standing instead of sitting. A dance party with your kids in the family room counts, too!

5. Wind down and practice gratitude

A good night’s rest is key to your health, but it’s not always easy. That’s why winding down is an essential habit to support a balanced life. Take some time to relax. Write about your day or jot down what you’re grateful for in your Day Designer. Read, listen to soothing music, and/or meditate. Just focusing on your breathing helps reduce stress and sends you off to sleep faster.

There’s space for daily gratitude reflection on every daily planning page of the Day Designer Flagship Daily Planner. It’s not meant to be overwhelming and it’s not meant to be another to-do; it’s just a small space in your every day to look back over your life and remember something that you’re grateful for. 

• • •

Striving for balance on a daily basis leads to less stress, fewer burnouts, improved health, increased productivity, and more personal time. It’s truly the simple habits and small actionable steps noted above that will get you closer to finding balance and living your best life. Which one will you incorporate first?