Here at Day Designer, we’re all about finding the simple, joyful ways to intentionally live a happier, healthier life. Whether it’s planning an evening to spend with your favorite friends or committing to make progress on a goal, intentions improve the quality of your life.

Living your life with intention means living on purpose rather than letting your life live you. This month on the blog, we’re focusing on being more intentional with your time, allowing you to focus on the things (or more specifically—the people, activities, and projects) that are most important to you. That requires is getting clear about the specific intentions that will most enhance your life. Consider what is missing that might add more joy, peace, and presence to your life. Determine what intentions you can set to get there!

Need some guidance on how to get started? These are a few of our favorite intentions to improve your life:

Plan Your Week on Sunday

You know how we love a good plan. Pull out your Day Designer every Sunday night and plan the week ahead! Write down your meetings, your appointments, and your deadlines, of course, but be sure to schedule time for yourself and your family too. By mapping out what your week looks like ahead of time, you have the opportunity to focus on your priorities (including yourself!) and you minimize the stress that accompanies not knowing what’s on your plate or how you’ll fit everything in. Set the intention to plan your week and prioritize your life!

Be Present With Your Family

You no doubt spend plenty of time with your family—eating breakfast in the morning, on the commute to school, in the evenings before bed, on weekend adventures. But how much of that time is quality time? How many of those moments are you actually present in? This could be as easy as putting your phone down when your kid is telling you about their day at school or not worrying about traffic on the way to the amusement park. Being present means being focused in the moment; not worrying about the past or the future (or the latest listicle on your Facebook News Feed). Set an intention to set aside quality, present moments throughout the week with your family. It’ll become a consistent habit before you know it.

Invest in Self-Care

It’s hard to improve your life without improving how you take care of yourself! Self-care isn’t a selfish act either; without taking care of yourself, you can’t readily take care of anyone else. Consider the best ways to practice self-care that are unique to you: What makes you feel filled up and resourced? Make a list of 5-10 ways you can invest in self-care—you might get a massage or set aside 30 morning minutes to read your book or take a long bath on Friday nights. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, so long as it rejuvenates you. Then set an intention to engage in at least one of these activities a week!

Actively Work Toward Your Goals

There’s a great satisfaction in going after your goals. Sure, it’s a great feeling to fulfill them, but often the journey is just as gratifying as the destination! Look back on the goals you set at the beginning of the year (or consider any new goals you want to set): How can you continue to or begin actively making progress on them? Are there new steps you can take? Can you put a plan in place to help keep you on track? Set the intention to improve your life by pursuing the goals that are a priority to you!

Practice Gratitude

This is a commonly-espoused intention—and for good reason! Practicing gratitude not only regularly reminds you of the good in your life; it also has a host of other benefits, like improving your physical and psychological health, improving self-esteem, and even helping you sleep better! We’ve shared some tips before on how to make practicing gratitude a habit in your life, because we know it’s a powerful intention. Set the intention for yourself and start small by filling in the Daily Gratitude Box in your Day Designer. Before long, you’ll find there’s no shortage of things you want to write down!

* * *

If you’re looking for even more support and structure as you plan your days, work toward your goals, and practice gratitude, select your 2018 Day Designer today!

Pick one intention that will improve your life—it can be from the list above or you can pick your own. Share your intention with us in the comments below!