The thought of a more adventurous lifestyle gets your heart racing and your mind dreaming of the possibilities.

Everyone has their own comfort zone and many times anything outside of it feels a bit scary — but that doesn’t mean you can’t gradually expand your comfort zone to include more adventure.

Having a hard time trying something new? Just plan your way out of your comfort zone! Here’s how.

Be Intentional About Adventure

There’s a major difference between the phrases “I want” and “I will.” The first is just expressing a desire. The second expresses intention. For instance, “I want to try something new” is no more powerful than saying “I had this great dream last night.”

If you say “I will try something new this week,” you’ve established your intention to go through with what you want. Naturally, you still have to act upon that intention.

To get yourself out of your comfort zone, you have to be intentional about adventure. Don’t just dream about it — make your intentions clear to yourself and others. Get into this mindset and you’re well on your way to your first adventure.

Every time negative thoughts pop up or you feel too anxious about stepping out your comfort zone, just speak your intention aloud. Doing this helps you stay in an intentional mindset.

Set Goals To Turn Intention Into Action

Now, it’s time to turn your intention into goals. You want to live a more adventurous, fulfilling life — which means setting goals to make this a reality.

Your overall goal is to be more adventurous. However, this doesn’t really help you plan your way out of your comfort zone. The trick is to break your main goal into daily, weekly and monthly goals.

Breaking big goals into small chunks makes it more manageable and keeps you on track. For example, if you wanted to read War and Peace, you wouldn’t try to read it all in one sitting. You’d make a goal to read 50 to 100 pages a day. That’s much easier, right?

When you don’t break down big goals, they’re too intimidating. You don’t see immediate results and you give up quickly. Achieving smaller goals shows that you’re progressing. So, break your adventure goal into much smaller goals so you don’t give up.

Write It Down To Make It Real

Now, it’s time to write down your goals. This doesn’t mean just jotting down your main goal. Write everything down.

Even though writing out your goals is beneficial, less than 20% of people actually do this. Writing out a vivid description makes you 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to succeed.

According to science, the process of writing out goals makes them easier to review later. It also helps your brain process and store the information long term.

Another study found that writing down goals makes you 42% more likely to follow through. Boosting your chances of success makes it well worth writing things down.

Another great benefit is that writing it down makes it more real. You’ll start to feel the excitement as your intentions to be more adventurous get closer to being a reality — whether you’re hoping to travel the world more or simply explore your local community.

Plan Out Each Month

The next step is to plan out your goals month by month. By writing your goals in a planner, you have something to quickly reference to remind you of what you’re working towards. This gives you something to look forward to.

When you’re excited about something, you’re more likely to step out your comfort zone to do it. For example, if you want to take local classes to learn a new hobby, seeing it written down as just another part of your schedule makes it less intimidating, but also gets you excited about the upcoming class.

Plan A Weekly Non-Comfort Zone Activity

Now, it’s time to actually step out of your comfort zone. You’ve made your intentions clear. Take the first step by breaking your monthly goal into weekly activities.

Schedule one non-comfort zone activity each week. It can be something as simple as trying a new restaurant each Thursday or committing to going to a game night with friends.

At first, it’s easier to step out of your comfort zone if you do it with friends or a loved one. They can do it with you so you don’t feel as anxious or afraid.

Eventually, you’ll be able to do this on your own. If your schedule is full, say no to an activity that’s just there because it’s comfortable to you. Replace it with something more adventurous instead!

Start planning out your intention to be more adventurous today. Use the Day Designer planning system to live a life filled with experiences that excite and fulfill you.