Spring is in the air and we’re focused on getting a fresh start at Day Designer this month! Earlier this week, we offered tips on how to spring clean and start fresh in a few different areas of your life—and today, we’re going to focus on one area in particular. We’re going to show you how to start fresh with your new year’s resolutions.

As we near the 100-day mark of 2018, it may be helpful to review—and perhaps, restart—the new year’s resolutions you set three months ago. Are you making progress toward the goals that you set? Have you found yourself stuck? Have you forgotten about the promises that you made to yourself on January 1st? Are these even the goals you still want to be pursuing?

These are important questions to consider, especially as we start a new season, a new quarter, a new month. Take some time this week to check-in on your quarterly goals and make sure you’re making good progress—and in the right direction for you.

Here are a few tips to help you restart your resolutions:

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Here’s the thing: whether or not you’ve made progress toward your new year’s resolutions or changed directions altogether, you have made progress in these last three months. Give yourself credit for all that you’ve done—all of your personal and professional accomplishments, all of the ways you’ve contributed to your family and your friendships, and everything that you’ve learned.

It’s hard to continue making progress toward anything when you’re not regularly celebrating what you’ve already accomplished and how far you’ve come. Take a few minutes to review these last three months and make a list of all that you have to celebrate—then actually do it! Throw a mini (or not-so-mini!) celebration just for you. You deserve it.

Consider Your Current Priorities

A lot can change in three months—including the focus of your new year’s resolutions. If your current priorities don’t align with your priorities on January 1st, you may find that your goals seem painfully out-of-whack. That’s okay! That’s life. And that’s the beauty of goals and priorities—they can and will and sometimes should change.

So, have yours? Consider your current priorities. Three months ago, your top priority may have been your job; maybe now your top priority is your health. Have you needed to shift your attention to your immediate family or your friendships or your self-care?

Be honest with yourself and get really clear on your current priorities. Your goals and resolutions (at the start of the year and any other time) should always stem from these.

Check Your Goals + Resolutions

We highlighted this process a bit earlier this week, and we think it’s important to review again here: Once you’re clear on your current priorities, check your new year’s resolutions against them. Are they aligned? Are your pursuing goals that prioritize . . . well, your top priorities?

Again, your priorities may have changed since the beginning of the year, so it’s possible that your resolutions may need to change, too. That doesn’t mean your new year’s resolutions were bad—or that you won’t revisit them at some time in the future!

That being said, you may find that your resolutions are still right on target. That’s great, too! But while your goals may still be right for you, the details may need to be tweaked. Review the progress that you’ve made toward your goals in the last quarter. What obstacles have been standing in your way? Do you need to be more realistic about your timeline? Goals and resolutions are great, but only when they intentionally align with how you want to feel, the person you want to be, and the life you want to live.

Continue Moving Forward

This is the most important step of all!

Perhaps you feel like you haven’t made any progress toward your goals in the last three months. Maybe you’re disheartened at seemingly having pursued the “wrong” resolutions. You might even feel tired and overwhelmed by the thought of more personal development.

We totally get it—allow yourself a break if you need one. Make your goals smaller and more realistic. Celebrate your small wins. But no matter what you do, just keep going.

Keep moving forward toward becoming the person you want to be and living the life you want to live. This quarter, this month, this day (and every day) is your opportunity to start fresh. Take advantage of it!

* * *

It’s a helpful practice to review and restart your resolutions—not just during “spring cleaning” but at several points throughout your year and your life. Plan time to check in with yourself or an accountability buddy, and make sure you’re pursuing the goals that will help you live the life you’ve designed!

And remember—this process is not meant to make you feel bad for what you haven’t yet accomplished or for changing your mind about your goals. Rather, it’s about reflecting and reevaluating as necessary and starting fresh to ensure you’re being intentional about the way you spend your time and the goals you’re pursuing.

(And P.S. If you want some help designing, planning, and scheduling that well-intentioned life, our daily planners can help!)


What new year’s resolution do you need to restart? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!