As you look around your home and think about your day-to-day activities, it might seem impossible to tackle the clutter! However, it’s not only possible, but you can also incorporate a handful of simple habits to help you keep the clutter at bay.

First, don’t worry about the fact that you have let some clutter build up around you. It happens to everyone and it’s completely natural!

Just don’t let it take over. It’s your home and you have the power to kick clutter to the curb.

Eliminate What You Don’t Need

The first step is the hardest – eliminating things you no longer want or need. There’s a reason so many people are embracing Marie Kondo’s sparking joy strategy. If something doesn’t spark joy in your life, you really don’t need it.

Make a plan to tackle each room in your home and go through your belongings. From paperwork to furniture, get rid of things you no longer use, need or want. Have plenty of garbage bags or boxes on hand for this. Remember, you can donate items to thrift stores and many organizations are happy to pick items up for you.

Use Organizers

It’s hard to tackle clutter if you don’t have any place to put things. For instance, a drawer easily gets out of control without any dividers. Invest in bins or organizers for drawers, cabinets and closets. You can even add extra bookcases for more space to store books, magazines and knick-knacks.

For things you don’t use often but prefer to keep, use storage containers and keep them in a closet, spare bedroom or garage for a neater home!

Designate Clutter Areas

This might sound counterproductive, but what if you didn’t have to pick up clutter everywhere? Instead, you simply pick up a box and put the items in it away.

Clutter areas allow you and your family to put certain items away to save time. For instance, you might have a box or storage area to place dirty shoes when you walk in your home. You could have a storage bin in your living room for toys or magazines you need to get rid of.

Now, once a week, you can empty out these areas, saving you time and reducing overall clutter in your home.

Delegate Decluttering

If you have a spouse, children and/or roommate, don’t tackle clutter alone. After all, it’s their home too! Assign everyone a certain area or room to take care of. It’s their job to help take care of clutter and implement ways to keep it away.

You might even create a decluttering schedule! For example, you might alternate who clears out designated clutter areas each week. This makes it easier for everyone and takes less time.

Focus On Small Sections

It’s incredibly overwhelming to get started when it seems like clutter has taken over your home. The best way to tackle clutter is to start small. In our Q&A with Day Designer founder Whitney English, she suggests the best way to create a more organized life is to start with something as small as cleaning out a drawer.

You don’t have to do everything today or even next week. Start small so you don’t feel like it’s impossible and you’ll soon have a much more organized home.

Designate A Space For Everything

Even though we know that clutter has the power to increase stress, anxiety and frustration, many people have a hard time managing it. However, clutter often happens because you don’t know where to put things. Ensure everything has its place.

Gather Like Items Together

Finally, tackle clutter by gathering like items together. The last thing you want to do is tear your house apart looking for something. As we all know, this just creates even more clutter – and wastes time!

Assigning everything a space is a good first step. The next is to gather all like items and store them there. For instance, clean out a cabinet to store all your pots and their respective lids together. It may take some rearranging to do all this, but it’ll save you time and reduce clutter later.

The most important thing is to take your time and be patient! It may take several weeks or more to tackle the clutter in your home. Stay on top of this project by scheduling time each day or week. Our planners make it easy to take a look at your schedule and find time for the tasks you want to accomplish!