The year ahead is uncertain for many of us. Returning to the classroom, remote learning, or a hybrid approach will all require extra organization this year.

Whether you are a parent guiding your kids or a college student managing a new semester, these top five intentional planning tips will help get your school year off to a successful start!

1. Plan semester events, tests, and due dates on your monthly calendar.

Once you have selected the perfect planner for you, flip it open to the monthly calendar. Our Academic Year Flagship Planner offers a two-page calendar spread with plenty of space for notes.

Map out your classes, due dates, test dates, and events on the monthly calendar. Consider color-coding by class or as a way of differentiating between personal, work, family members, or school schedules. Add projects and reminders to the notes column along the left side or in the blank space across the top.

2. Create an ideal weekly schedule.

Map out what an ideal week looks like for you by creating an ideal weekly schedule filled with the weekly schedules and routines that you need to follow in order to stay on track. Consider your (or your child’s) class schedule, homework needs, fitness routine, meal plans, family time, and more. Our Flagship Planners include a worksheet for this purpose, and we also offer it as a free printable.

Your completed Ideal Week worksheet is your personal roadmap for success! It’s important to note that your actual week will likely have slight nuances and adjustments. Your “ideal week” simply serves as a default template to refer back to – serving as a guide to help you plan out your weeks.

3. Review each week before it begins.

At the beginning of your week, it’s important that you set aside some time to create a plan of attack for your upcoming week.

Schedule out your week by noting your class times, study sessions, and other tasks that you need to accomplish as well as the goals that you’d like to set for yourself or work towards. Breaking up your larger goals into weekly or daily tasks will help you stay on track!

4. Plan with time blocks to get more done.

Without a plan, it’s difficult to finish anything, and harder still to reach your goals. As we always say – either you can be in control of your day or the events of the day will control you!

We encourage you to get more done with daily blocks for homework, studying, and relaxation. Work in any professional, family-oriented, social, and health-related blocks of time that might also be a part of your day. Allocate time for each in your planner. Remember, it’s ultimately better to alternate between tasks to give your full attention to each.

5. Identify your to-dos. Check off as you go!

Be sure to plan your day in an intentional manner – by looking over your tasks and creating a to-do list while eliminating time-wasters and unneeded tasks. The planning pages within our Flagship Planners enable you to jot down your to-do list right next to your schedule so you can visualize your day in one quick glance.

And, finally, be sure to check off what you’ve accomplished as you go! Who doesn’t love that feeling?! A little kick of dopamine goes a long way when it comes to motivation and productivity.

• • •

While the upcoming school year will start off like no other, we know that you can do this by planning it all out and being intentional with your time. Share how you’re feeling about the school year ahead and how you plan to manage it in the comments below. We’re wishing you the best of luck!