There’s no better feeling than a brand new year – especially after the one we just experienced. There is so much excitement in the air about getting 2020 behind us and starting fresh. The opportunity to find new inspiration, identify new goals, adopt new habits, and set new intentions is upon us.

At Day Designer, we’re all about helping you find ways to intentionally live a happier, healthier life. That’s why we’ve dedicated the Day Designer blog to help you live a well-designed life – with a different theme each month.

New Blog Series

To kick off the new year, we’re excited to introduce our Living With Intention series – and we’re thrilled that you’re here to follow along. The idea of being intentional is sometimes hard to grasp, so let’s start with the basics!

To live with intention means to live with purpose, according to your goals and values. Simply put, living with intention is all about good decision-making and realizing that your life is made up of choices! 

It means that you are deciding how you want to live your life ahead of time – and that the way you are spending your time is worthwhile to you. Instead of life happening to you, your life will happen for you. With that understanding, the bigger question is…

Living With Intention

This is what we’re going to uncover this month! Throughout our Living With Intention series, we’ll guide you through planning out your year – choosing a word that sums up what you want out of the year ahead, setting balanced goals, and, more importantly, breaking them down into manageable pieces – so that you can make progress all year long and find success in 2021.  

We’re here to help you become more intentional with your time and more conscious of your habits, allowing you to focus on the things (or more specifically – the people, activities, and projects) that are most important to you. Whether it’s planning an evening to spend with your family and friends or committing to make progress on a goal, your intentions improve the quality of your life.

Three Simple Steps

When it comes to living a more intentional life, the following three-part process will provide a framework to help you get from point A to point B.

1. What do you want? Dream big and envision what you hope for in the future. Identify what you want your life to communicate and contribute. Get clear about the specific intentions that will most enhance your life.

2. What is missing? Consider what is missing that might add more joy, peace, and presence to your life.

3. What can help you get there? Determine what intentions you can set to get there! Set goals that align with what you want to happen. (This month on the blog, we’ll share our best tips, tricks, and strategies on how to do just that!)

Daily Intentions

Although we focused on the big picture in today’s post, you can apply being more intentional to any given moment!

To be more intentional about how you’re spending your time on a daily (or even hourly!) basis, ask yourself questions like “What do I want out of this hour?” or “What do I want out of this workout?” or “What do I want out of this meeting?” 

Determine what you want the outcome to be ahead of time. This will help you keep the purpose of that activity or time period at the very forefront of your mind!

• • •

Striving to live a more intentional life is one of the key reasons that Day Designer was first created. Stay tuned this month as we dive further into this favorite topic with you! 

Do you want to live more intentionally in 2021? Share your thoughts in the comments below!