Hi friends! We’re so excited to welcome Bailey from Navy or Nothing to the Day Designer blog today! Bailey is college student who keeps life in order through planning. We love how she balances her studies with her passion for fashion—and how she has turned sharing her story into a fun blog on the side.

We recently chatted with Bailey about how she strives to balance it all and how she designs her days! Read on to hear about the strategies that work best for her.

How do you create balance in your life?

Being a college student, I’m constantly trying to balance my academics with my social life. While no two weeks are exactly the same, I try to stick to a routine that allows for flexibility! One of the biggest parts of my routine is following my planner daily and organizing my week each and every Sunday night!

How do you design your day?

I always sit down for around 30 minutes at the start of my week. I fill in all my homework, quizzes, and assignment due dates first (most important right?). I utilize the “due” space at the top of the daily pages. I make sure my classes are blocked out on my daily pages (so I don’t overschedule myself!). I then add in sorority events, my extracurriculars, and anything else that might come up in the week.

Does your Day Designer stay on your desk—or go everywhere with you?

My Day Designer is always glued to me! It’s either in my backpack with me, or I take it along with me to meetings. If I ever lose it, I literally would be so lost!

How do you best prepare for tomorrow?

I try to take an hour each night to prepare for the next day. I get a cup of tea, go over my Day Designer, pick out my outfit, read, and just relax. I find that unwinding the night before helps me to prepare for the next day. Then when I wake up, I’m ready to tackle the day!

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Here at Day Designer, we loved hearing what works best for Bailey when it comes to planning her days—and to get an insider’s view of her Flagship Daily Planner! Stay tuned next week as we share the top five personal intentions that she lives by to create balance in her everyday life.

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