Day Designer, in partnership with Blue Sky, recently hosted a live personal planning workshop featuring Day Designer founder Whitney English. We are so grateful for all of your interest and enthusiasm!

For those who missed it or would like to watch again, the replay is now available on YouTube!

“My goals were not working because my goals were not aligned with who I was. They were not about where I wanted to go. They didn’t take into account my strengths and what really mattered to me (my values). They were all about what other people wanted and what the world defined as success. I made a choice to start scheduling my values first—and my goals second—and then everything else in life started to fall into place.” – Whitney English, Founder of Day Designer

In this workshop, Whitney shares:

—Key questions to help you reflect on the year prior, identify your life vision, and determine what you can do in 2018 to live out your year in alignment with that vision

—How to set goals that are balanced across the five major areas of life

—The importance of knowing your values, writing things down, and starting small—plus practicing gratitude when things don’t go as planned

We’ve received amazing feedback, so don’t miss out. Get inspired and motivated as you kick off 2018! Ready to watch? Click here to view the workshop replay. 

For your reference, we’ve outlined some key takeaways from the workshop below!

Personal Reflection

Ask yourself the following questions to determine what you want out of 2018.

1. What were your values in 2017? 

Think about what mattered most to you, what you chose to focus on, what took a large amount of your time, and how you felt.

2. Where do you want to be when you’re 80? What is your vision for the 80 year old version of you? If not 80, think about a future point in your life. Where do you want to be at the end of your life?

What is your vision for the 8o year old version of you? If not 80, think about about some other future point in your life.

We need to pull our goals out of the space in between two things: where we want to be (that vision) and the things that we did last year.

We often get derailed in life, but if we know where we want to go, and if we are focused on that vision, we can continually go back to that vision and set goals based on where we are. By using the tools of reflection, we can determine where we are and what we’ve done—to decide what needs to happen next to get us to that 80-year-old version of ourselves.

3. How did you spend your time, and how do you want to spend your time in 2018?

What investment of time do you want to make to get you closer to that visions? Don’t overthink it. What potential goals can you think of?

4. How did you spend your money in 2017? How did that reflect my values? What do you want those expenditures to look like in 2018?

Time and money are the two most precious and finite resources we have. How we spend those reflects our values . . . what’s important to us. These actions reflect the things that you value. Your values are so reflected in how you spend your money. Ask yourself “why” to find the disconnect.

This is where the honest part of the conversation comes in. When we really look at our actions with a third-party perspective and get honest with ourselves about where we are and what we’re actually doing—then we can decide to change. And that’s where the goal-setting happens!

5. What did you do for yourself in 2017? What can you do for yourself next year?

Always be learning and growing. This moves us forward in life.

6. How did you live out your values (or your word of the year) in 2017? What can you do for yourself next year?

Failure is okay. Failure is awesome. Failure gets us to where we want to go. You did the best you could in 2017 and you are going to do even better in 2018!

7. What do I want my values for 2018 to be?

Know what they are and schedule them first. Everything else comes second!

Think about your answers to these questions. When you land on something you don’t like, turn it into a potential goal.

Use the tools of reflection to think about “What did I do in 2017?” and “What do I want to change for 2018?” because in that space we’re going to find some valuable goals that are going to get us to where we want to be when we’re 80.


We encourage you to try Whitney’s “HEART Goals” goal-setting method in 2018. Set your goals in this order of priority. Use the worksheet in the front of your Flagship Day Designer or this free goal-setting worksheet as your guide to this process.

H – Help Yourself (Self-Care)
If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of our people.

E – Everyone Else
People are so important. The most important things on the face of this earth.

A – Attitude and Academics
Always be learning and growing. Prioritizing this in our lives helps keep us balanced.

R – Resources
Your finances and your time. It’s really easy to jump straight to finances when setting goals when all of us know deep in our hearts that is not the most important thing. When we set our goals all around the spirit of finances, we’re neglecting a part of ourselves and the people that are most important to us.

T – Trade and Career
The world constantly wants to raise that bar on success when so many times we just need to stop and rest. Getting to the next rung on the success ladder doesn’t make us a better human. It just makes us a human that’s done more.

Next Steps

When you have your goals selected, look at each one and ask yourself three questions for each goal:

—What do I need to on monthly basis to achieve this goal?
—What do I need to on weekly basis to achieve this goal?
—What do I need to on daily basis to achieve this goal?

It’s time to get started. Schedule your values first. If we aren’t true to our values when setting our goals, then we won’t get to where we want to go in life.

Write everything down. When you write things down, you are pulling those things out of the forefront of your brain, putting them on paper, and tucking them back into your subconscience, and you’re freeing up brain space to help you actually go and accomplish those goals.

Schedule personal check-ins throughout your year and make adjustments as needed. We’re wishing you the best of luck!

For a deeper dive into this process, be sure to watch the replay of our Get Ready for 2018 webinar featuring Day Designer founder Whitney English.

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