It’s important to be able to take “time out” for ourselves.

It’s important to be able to take “time out” for ourselves.

Sadly enough, making time for ourselves is often accompanied by a lot of guilt.

The long list of things that should be done, or the time that we could be spending with someone else starts to flood our mind and before we know it, we’re distracted and find ourselves postponing “me time” yet again.

Making time for ourselves is something that most of us struggle with. For those of us who have a house full of other people—a spouse, kids, or other family members—carving out time for ourselves can be extra difficult.

Despite the difficulty though, it’s important to be able to claim back some time for yourself. Having “me time” gives you a chance to breathe, refresh, and recharge your batteries. Being alone allows you to just be—without any external noise—and gives you some much-needed time to think.

Scheduling time out is great for you—and for those around you! Here are some more great reasons to schedule in some time to yourself.

You’ll Feel Better

First things first, carving out time for yourself can help you to feel better—inside and out. Stress is tremendously destructive to our bodies, and taking time out to unwind and relax will help to alleviate everyday pressures. This will help you feel much better—and will do wonders for your outlook, your personality, and mood.

You’ll Treat Others Better

When you haven’t had any time to yourself, you tend to see the worst in the people around you, and your reaction to them might be less than positive. Giving to everyone without taking a few minute for yourself can leave you feeling drained—both emotionally and physically. But when you’ve have had time to yourself to reflect and regroup, you’ll develop a new appreciation for your loved ones.

Make Better Decisions

If you’re struggling with a decision, taking time out to channel your energy creatively can help you work through the problem. According to Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness, “Doing something creative, whatever it may be, is the best way to facilitate brainstorming.” Drawing, gardening, or doodling might help to recharge your “idea muscles” and help you to see your problem in a new way.

You May Get Better Sleep

Before sleep, our minds “shut down” by processing the events of the day. We store away memories, emotions, and other tidbits from the day. But by taking some time for yourself, your mind won’t have as much to process at night, which can make for a better, more restful sleep. This is especially helpful if you take your “me time” right before bed. The process of focusing on a simple task simply for yourself can help you to relax and sleep better—all night.

You’ll Be More Focused

Getting time to yourself (and not sneaking in a load of laundry!) will help you to clear distractions from your mind, allowing you to focus on things that really matter. When you are running a million different directions at once, your focus is never at one hundred percent. Try to relax, enjoy a few moments of silence, or work on a project that you enjoy—it doesn’t have to be long—and then see how much easier it is to focus.

Taking time out is important for mental clarity, relaxation, and focus—but time out is also beneficial for generating new ideas. Some of our best ideas come to us when we’re free from distractions and working on things that we enjoy. To help combat the ever-present hum of conversation, business, and devices, it’s important to steal back some time for yourself, and carve out “me time” in your schedule.

Why not try it this week? Your health, mind, and body will thank you!

Have you started carving out “me time” for yourself?

Image: Kalyan Chakravarthy