As planner people, we’re big fans of January 1st. It’s a day that naturally feels like a fresh start. Everything is new and exciting. You’re motivated to do better than yesterday—and the year prior. But sometimes we forget, that even though it may be April 24th, every new day is exactly the same: blank. Today doesn’t have to be like yesterday!

The beauty of living is that, no matter what happened today, tomorrow is always a fresh new day—without limitations—for all of us!

When a day doesn’t go quite as planned, no matter how hard you tried, remember to give yourself grace—tomorrow is always a great second chance.

We hope you’ll remember that the ever-present opportunity for a fresh start is today, tomorrow, and every day of your life.

Here are three important things that we like to keep in mind to work those “fresh starts” into every day:

1. You Don’t Have to Start Your Day the Same Old Way

It helps to be intentional about how you start your day. You might wake up, check emails, drink three cups of coffee, struggle to get the kids dressed and out of the house, and sit in a long commute to work every morning because that’s how you’ve always done it. But that doesn’t mean that’s how you always have to do it.

Sure, maybe you can’t get rid of your commute and perhaps it’ll always be a little bit of struggle to wrangle the kids, but try to think of other ways you can start your day differently to help you feel refreshed and excited going into the day.

Maybe you wake up a little early to meditate or read or spend time with your partner before the kids get up or you have to leave for the office? You might try writing down a few things you’re grateful for or commit to planning your day, so your priorities are in order before your feet hit the floor. Whatever you do—remember that you don’t have to start your day the same old way. Design a start to your day that works for you!

2. You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

Even when you do “start fresh,” it’s important to remember that you (and your work and your relationships and your day) don’t have to be perfect. That’s the inherent beauty of a fresh start—you can continue to take them whenever you need to. (See our next point for more on that!)

Unfortunately, the reason that so many people get discouraged about New Year’s Resolutions so soon after the new year is that they are indeed imperfect, contrary to what their exuberant and motivated January 1 energy may have indicated. Even the most ambitious and motivated and hard-working among us will sometimes take a step back or misstep or even fail outright at those things we set our minds to. That’s no reason not to get up and try again. We encourage you not to hold yourself to so high a standard of perfection that you don’t allow for fallibility, and see the opportunity for and the promise in a fresh start.

3. You Don’t Have to Start Tomorrow

Sure, tomorrow is always a fresh start—but so is this minute . . . and the next . . . and the next after that. Literally, every moment of your life is an opportunity to start over and do something different. How exciting is that? It’s easy to think that if the first half of your day or your year or even your life hasn’t gone well—well, you’ll just start again tomorrow. While it’s positive to know that you can always start over, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to wait that long to do it! It’s not just every day that’s a fresh start; it’s every moment. Decide to turn your day around, start fresh again, right now. We think you’ll be amazed at what you can do!

* * *

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How can you start fresh every day? Share one tip you’ll try tomorrow (or today!) with us in the comments below.