We’ve all heard that the most successful people write things down; everything from goals and objectives to plans and to-do lists, and even notes. Research proves that when you write these down, you’ll preserve and accomplish significantly more than those who did not. 

When it comes to goals, we’ve talked about how important it is to envision what you want to happen in the desired time period, to identify the projects and tasks needed to get there, to check in with your progress regularly, and to reflect on your successes. 

But what happens when we take a look at daily planning with these exact same principles in mind? After years of research on how successful people design their days, we’re here to tell you that this method will help you plan, focus, and achieve real results.

Here’s the strategy that will get you started:

1. Envision how you want it to go.

Envision how you want your day to go and what you ultimately want out of it. If you skip this step, how do you know what you need to do? We all have lists a mile long, but being successful means knowing what to go after first, second, third—and pinpointing what doesn’t align with our goals and top priorities after all—so that we can eliminate and be more realistic about what we set out to accomplish.

2. Identify tasks.

Identify the tasks you can realistically accomplish to make this vision of your day a reality. Write these down and be sure to identify your top three.

3. Check in on progress.

Check in on your progress mid-way through the day. Adjust as needed.

4. Reflect.

Reflect on your success. Write down your daily gratitude, unplug from it all, and open up time to spend on those who matter most!

* * *

Before you object, we get it! We hear you saying, “I can barely get everything done as it is, and now you’re asking me to do more?”

Many of us feel overwhelmed about everything on our plates. We all struggle to effectively use our precious waking hours to create a well-designed day.

What if we told you that you could take back your day? This is 100% possible with proper planning, organization, and focus. Head to our next post to discover how the most successful people plan their day. We promise you can make this a reality for yourself if you set out to do it! We’ve outlined practical tips that you can apply immediately to your own daily planning method.

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Let us know in the comments below if you might be due for an overhaul in how you design your day!