Hi friends! We’re so excited to welcome the lovely Vanessa from Texas Madre to the Day Designer blog today! Vanessa is a Dallas native, wife, mom, and so much more. We absolutely love how she stays on top of the latest trends while she manages her busy family life—and how she has turned sharing her unique style into a business on the side.

We recently chatted with Vanessa about how she strives to balance it all and how she designs her days! Read on to hear about the strategies that work best for her.

How do you create balance in your life?

This is a great question and one that I have had to work at in my adult life. I am a mother of four, president of our preschool organization, member of the PTA, style blogger, and homemaker. My time is precious, and my life is nonstop. I rely on a schedule to help me achieve balance in my life. I first set my priorities for the month and week. From there, I can adjust my schedule as things arise and change. I work out daily and this allows me the mental break that I need to recharge and be the best version of myself. I set goals for all the areas of my life and try to align those with my schedule. It is constant work, but amazingly gratifying and efficient for my family and myself.

How do you design your day?

My day starts early! I try to wake 30-45 minutes before the kids to take care of my needs so that I can be 100% for them. After I drop them off at preschool and school, I typically work out and then head home to shower and prep for my day. For my blog and social platforms, I schedule shoots for one or two days each week. The other days are for my other responsibilities and catching up. My time after the school day ends is set aside for running around to our afterschool activities!

Does your Day Designer stay on your desk—or go everywhere with you?

My Day Designer makes itself home in my office and on the go. I don’t have it with me daily but do carry it along for important meetings and such. It is helpful to have things written down, and I can take notes and reference them quickly. It also frees up my phone to do the research I need—instead of toggling between all the apps to look at appointments.

How do you best prepare for tomorrow?

I best prepare by referencing my Day Designer. I check to see what appointments are on the books and cater my day around those. I also make sure I have an appointment alert set up on my phone for those meetings. In terms of my blog, I try to be efficient by preparing my looks and accessories. This does not always happen—so I will at least make a mental lookbook of what I will wear. I try to prep the kids by having their clothes laid out and their snacks ready to go and in their backpacks. For the home, I like to set days for certain tasks around the house—and my Day Designer keeps those front and center!

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Here at Day Designer, we’re thrilled to hear what works best for Vanessa when it comes to balance and planning—and to get an insider’s view of her Flagship Daily Planner! Stay tuned next week as we share the top five personal intentions that she lives by to create happiness in her everyday life.

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