November is here! We invite you to join our annual gratitude challenge! We’ve reserved this month for all of us to focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have. Here’s why…

Gratitude leads to joy. Research shows us that simply stating what we’re grateful for actually trains our brains over time to become HAPPIER.

Wow, right?! And we want you to take it a step further this year. Try to find new people, experiences, things, or activities for which you can give thanks! The point of being grateful every day is to shift your focus from one that might often notice what is wrong or lacking, to one that is focused on what is good—and while your family and friends and perhaps your home and job are definitely some of those good things, they’re not the only ones! Stretch yourself to see all that is good in your life every single day. We promise you there’s more than enough to fill a gratitude journal—and then some!

Will you join us? We hope you’ll take the next 21 days to think about what you’re grateful for on a daily basis! Studies indicate that it takes 21 days to solidify a new habit, so this is the perfect opportunity to make gratitude a consistent practice in your life.

Here’s how to participate:

1. Download and print your FREE Gratitude Challenge Journal. (Or, use the daily gratitude box in your Flagship planner!)

2. Starting today, record what you’re grateful for. It can be anything, no matter how big or small.

3. Continue this for 21 days, leading right up to Thanksgiving!

4. Follow along on Instagram. Throughout the challenge, we’ll occasionally share reminders and inspiration to help you maintain this habit! If you take any photos related to the challenge, share them with us using our hashtag: #DDdailygratitude

See the difference in your days and weeks—just by noticing the things you’re grateful for every day. On Thanksgiving Day, you’ll have a wonderful list of the things you appreciate most to reflect back on! And, going forward, you will have adopted a new habit of taking a moment to think about what you’re grateful for—every day.

We hope you’ll follow along and join us for the challenge! Are you in?

P.S. As a constant reminder of this practice, you’ll love the Daily Gratitude prompt on our signature planning page within the Flagship Day Designer. Try the daily page here or shop our 2019 Planners today!