It’s here! We recently launched our all-new, flexible Today & To-Do undated planners!

Your excitement and interest in this new Day Designer collection have been wonderful! We are so pleased to provide this slim and flexible organizing solution to those of you who can benefit from it.

We’ve taken note of the top questions we’re getting and included the answers to those below.

What is the Today & To-Do?

The Today & To-Do is a completely different type of planning system. It’s undated so you have the flexibility to use it on an as-needed basis. Plus, you can choose your view depending on your planning preferences for any given project or season. Simply put, it will be there for you whenever you need it!

Check out our last post for the top five reasons we think you’ll love it—from its versatility to its refined look and portable size.

What are the cover styles, material, and size?

You can choose between two cover styles: Hudson Navy and Camden Rose. Take a closer look at these two beauties here!

The durable, vegan leather has a pebble finish and gold embellishments. Charming gold dot lining and gilt edging on the pages finishes the luxe look. The overall dimensions are 8.25″ wide x 10.25″ tall—but only 0.5″ thick—so it’s easy to carry or slip in a bag.

What’s inside the Today & To-Do? What is the order of the pages?

The Today & To-Do includes:

  • Cover page for your name and personal contact information
  • Note from Day Designer founder, Whitney English, on living a well-designed life
  • Goal-setting worksheets
  • 12-month overview in a two-page spread format dated July 2018 through June 2019
  • 13 monthly views in a two-page spread format (These are all grouped together.)
  • 15 weekly view pages in a two-page horizontal spread format (These are all grouped together.)
  • 90 three-column daily planning pages (These are all grouped together.)
  • 10 lined notes pages
  • 2 ribbon bookmarks

Why does it include this number of monthly, weekly, and daily pages?

This flexible planner format was designed to grab whenever you need it most. Some months, weeks, and days are busier (or less busy!) than others.

Need to plan ahead? The monthly planning pages help you map out key dates and timelines.

Want to map out activities and appointments? Rely on the weekly page.

Hoping for a highly productive day? Map it out on a daily page.

Planning a special project on the side? Dedicate your Today & To-Do pages to those tasks and plans.

How can I easily find my place within this planner?

The Today & To-Do includes monthly, weekly, and daily pages that are grouped together. The two ribbon bookmarks help mark your places in your planner for quick and easy reference!

Years ago, you had a spiral-bound planner named the Today & To-Do. Is this one similar?

Not really! The all-new Today & To-Do is similar in that it is undated, offering a more flexible method of planning. That is something we really wanted to bring back but in a book-bound format.

Do you have other sizes and cover styles planned for the Today & To-Do?

We don’t at this time—but we’re always listening to your feedback, so be sure to share your thoughts with us!

Where can I shop for the Today & To-Do or learn more?

The Today & To-Do is available exclusively in the Day Designer online shop! We have included loads of product details and multiple images.

Where can I take a look at the interior pages?

Check out images within the individual product listings in the Day Designer online shop! Plus, we encourage you to try it out for free. To see firsthand how our monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages work for yoube sure to download our Today & To-Do free printables!

What are people saying about the Today & To-Do?

“I just tried the printable and I’m in love. Ordering now!!
– @frontrowmama

“This is AMAZING and just what I’ve been searching for for months! I prefer the spiral of the flagship but this layout is just genius and speaks to my planner soul. One of my favorite things about it… Saturday and Sunday can have the full daily page layout!! Can’t stop obsessing.” – @jessicaheidi7

“These are so perfect for an everyday executive trying to balance meetings and to do lists with family relax days. Some days are crazy with meetings and others need less structure. Some days we are so busy we don’t manage to get to our planner and now don’t have to feel guilty for empty spaces/days. Such a great flexible product. Thank you for making it!” – @marcieb13

This is perfect to keep track of my client sessions and take quick notes as needed!!!! LOVE THIS! – @mya2205

Shop our undated, flexible Today & To-Do planners in the Day Designer online shop.