We are thrilled to introduce you to today’s #welldesignedlife interview! Not only is Tina a talented interior designer, but her wisdom and drive have left us inspired. Keep reading to learn more!


Let’s start off with an introduction! Tell us about yourself. Roles you play and what you do. 

After years of working for several top interior designers, such as Vicente Wolf, I started my own residential design firm, Tina Ramchandani Creative. I focus on turn-key projects, designing or renovating spaces from inception to completion. I incorporate my vast experience and global perspective into her own signature style to deliver a warm modern aesthetic that enhances your lifestyle and invites you to truly “live” in your bespoken space. I’m also the founder + editor of an interior design blog called Life in Sketch, where I, along with a handful of international contributors, share my daily inspirations and experiences along with my travels abroad.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in life so far? 

One of the hardest things I’ve had to do is leave a fulfilling job to focus on my own career. I loved my life at Vicente Wolf and the team I was working with. It was hard to say goodbye but moving on was the right move. It was just so difficult!

Tell us about your big dreams. Where do you want to go, what do you want to do, and why? 

I love seeing the look on my clients faces when they first see their completed homes. I feel accomplished and I know that I have brought joy and beauty into my clients lives. I’d love to continue to do this, and hopefully be able to bring this excitement to my client’s lives on a larger scale. How that happens, right now I’m not sure. But I’d love for everyone to experience the wow factor of walking into a customized space.


What are some struggles you’ve faced in achieving your dreams so far? Have you learned anything from them that you want to share? 

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I need to listen to my own intuition. I’ve heard many say this before but until I started my own business I didn’t really understand it. When something is right, I know it immediately. When something is wrong, I feel uncomfortable and in the past I convinced myself it was ok, or that I was just nervous, only for the decision to end up in disaster. So now I listen to my gut, and if I’m unsure I take a few days before making a decision. You don’t have to say yes or no to things right away!

Do your dreams look different now than they used to?  If so, what changed about them?

I’m not the best long term planner. I tend to go with the flow, and see where life and my career take me. 5 years ago I didn’t think I’d ever want to go out on my own and start a firm! I knew it would be a lot of hard work and at the time I just wasn’t ready. I’ve learned to listen to myself and make life decisions accordingly.

If you could go back and visit yourself at any age, what would you tell your younger self? What kind of encouragement or wisdom do you wish you had at that time?

There are so many things I could say – to speak up for myself, to be bolder, to be more confident, ask for more money! But at the end of the day all of these “mistakes” I made are things I learned from, so I wouldn’t change the results. I think learning from the past is the best way to move forward.

What three daily things can you not live without? 

Instagram, coffee and murder-mystery novels. And my day designer of course!

What is something you strive to be intentional about?  How do you design it into your life? 

I try to take some time each week and review what’s been accomplished, what’s coming up and how I feel about it. I don’t always get to do this at a set time. Sometimes I do this while walking and running errands, sometimes it’s on the subway, but just taking a few minutes a week to do this really helps me move forward.

How do you create balance in your life? 

I haven’t quite mastered that yet! I’ve been trying not to check email until I’ve had my morning coffee, and I’ve been trying to stop working when my husband comes home so I’m not working all night. Going to the gym definitely helps relieve stress, and most days I get that in first thing in the morning. Balance seems like it’s something I’ll always be working towards, and I’m ok with that.

 What does your daily routine look like? Is there anything that helps you feel most successful at the end of the day?

I don’t exactly have a routine because everyday is different. I do wake up, scroll through instagram because I really enjoy it, have a morning smoothie and try to hit the gym. The days I skip the gym I am low on energy, so I make this a priority.

What do you wish you had more of in life? What about it makes it so special?

Time! And sunshine, this winter has been super brutal in New York. This summer I’ve made it a point to enjoy the sun every day.

What do you wish you had less of in life? 

Email. Especially junk mail. It’s the worst.

Are you willing to share a story with us about a time in your life when things felt out of control? How did you get back on course? 

When I first started my firm I was extremely overwhelmed. I had to learn to let things go, and not panic when things weren’t complete by the end of the day. I started listening to a lot of podcasts, which helped me realize others were in the same boat. I really enjoy Jess Lively’s podcast, and Being Boss. I still have a few panicked moments, it’s a part of life. But I’m generally less anxious than before.

Do you have a life motto?

The world is not ending!

So great, right? You can keep up with Tina on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her blog