When our new planning format, the Today & To-Do, hit the shop last July, it wasn’t there for long! We were thrilled to see that this concept by Day Designer founder Whitney English was the ideal fit for so many of you! And we’re so excited to share that the Today & To-Do is being restocked this Wednesday, September 19 at 11:00 am CDT in both gorgeous colors: Camden Rose and Hudson Navy.

To give you a little behind the scenes take on this new format, we sat down with Day Designer founder Whitney English to ask her a few questions! Read on to discover if the Today & To-Do is the ideal fit for your unique planning needs, too.

What inspired you to create the Today & To-Do planner?

“The Today & To-Do is built on a simple, simple concept: the only two things we need to be productive in our days are 1) our schedule and 2) our priority list. Really, that’s the heart of the Flagship Day Designer as well, but Today & To-Do was born when I hit a season where I realized I wasn’t using my Day Designer every day. I had some blank pages here and there, and occasionally I wished I had a weekly layout page. 

Much like when I created the Flagship Day Designer, I started shopping around for other planner formats—and couldn’t find the right solution. I needed something flexible, which meant non-dated, with various formats, and I needed it organized in a way that would allow me to use it when I was busy and ignore it when life was slow.”

How do you use the Today & To-Do planner along with your Flagship daily planner?

“I still use my Flagship Day Designer for goal-setting: it’s an annual retreat and I keep all my goals written in my planner and refer to it at least once a quarter. I use it for recording health goals and measurements, and anything else I want to track on a monthly basis, like social media stats. I’ve also been known to turn a daily page into a notes page, or use a few empty pages to map out some possible daily routines or weekly meal plans!”

Why is the Today & To-Do ideal at this stage of your life?

“I know this is elementary, but when I’m busier, my to-do list is longer. I forget things on an hourly basis. I need my full-sized Flagship Day Designer to get the job done when projects span days and weeks and months. But, in recent years, as I’ve focused more and more on my kids and consulting, I’ve found that the rhythms aren’t so hectic. I can remember many of the things I need to do because we have found a routine and a schedule—so I don’t need the heavy-hitter of a daily to-do list.

I love the monthly layouts in the Today & To-Do: I use those until I need a weekly or daily page. My life fluctuates, and I like having a planner that fluctuates with my seasons.

* * *

Just like everyone’s planning styles and preferences are different, so are everyone’s needs and wants for the perfect planner. At Day Designer, our #1 goal is to offer the tools you need to plan your life. The Today & To-Do is a flexible planner—designed for slower seasons, life on the go, or special projects. Learn more in the shop!


We’d love to hear from you! Would the Today & To-Do be a fabulous fit for you?