Happy 2019, friends! We have an exciting new year ahead with the opportunity for a fresh start at our fingertips! Ready to get started?

We’re kicking off the year with a new series here on the Day Designer blog: Balanced Goals in 2019. Stay tuned for our posts each week!

But first—as you open your brand new 2019 Flagship Daily Planner this week, you’ll see our prompt for your Word for the Year. There’s a reason for it being there and today we’re focusing on just that!

The New Year is all about resolutions, reflections, and making a fresh start. There’s something so inspiring about it—something with the turning of the calendar page that symbolizes a new beginning and inspires us to do and be our best.

At Day Designer, lately we’ve been talking about the importance of leading an intentional life—one that’s filled to the brim with purpose and meaning. One excellent way to stay on track, and ensure that you’re heading in the direction that you’d like to be, is by choosing a word for the year—an aspirational word, if you will, to help guide your plans and actions throughout the year. In fact, it can remind you each and every day!

We believe that having the word for the year front and center, guiding your actions and intentions throughout the year is a tremendously effective way to stay on course—giving you a big picture goal to guide you, rather than a rigid set of rules to follow.

Along with setting balanced goals, which we’ll walk you through this month here on the blog, choosing a word for your year will help give your year some added structure and guidance. Remember, it’s not just about cramming in as much as possible, instead it’s about living with intention.

Here is a quick rundown on what a word of the year can help give you:

Focus – Having a word for your year can help you focus your actions and thoughts. When life gets hectic and crazy, you can re-focus and regroup with one little word!

• Unity – Having a word for your year doesn’t limit your goals or stifle your creativity. Far from it! Instead, it helps to unify your goals and different areas of your life, helping them to all work seamlessly together. The word of the year helps guide you and your decisions to unify your actions, enabling you to make your goals a reality.

• Flexibility – Having a word of the year can help you to stay centered when things come up. Let’s be honest, not all of your goals will remain the same throughout the year, and that’s okay! Having a word of the year can help you realign and adjust your goals as the need arises.

• Simplicity – Finally, your word of the year can help to simplify things. It can be difficult to constantly remember every goal you have, or align all of your plans and ideas with your goals at every moment. But with one word, you can easily assess how you are doing, without needing to fully review your goals at that time.

All of that from one little word? Yes! Wondering how you can choose the right word—one that’s best for you and one that will help to guide your year?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Reflect on Your Past Year

First things first, it’s important to reflect for a minute on your previous year. While doing this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What, from the previous year, should I have more of in my life?
  • What should I have less of?
  • What characteristics would I like to have this year?
  • What principles would I like to have guiding my actions this year?


Next, take the time to imagine for a minute, what your ideal day would look like. Try to visualize how you’d feel at work or at home. What aspects of your day bring your happiness, which ones frustrate you? Now, ask yourself what the perfect day would feel like, the emphasis here is “Feel.” Think about how you want your morning routine to feel, how you want to feel at work or at various stages throughout the day. Which ones make you happiest? Most fulfilled? These are clues to concepts that are important to you, and a good first step in identifying your word of the year.

Choose Your Word

Now comes the fun part—dialing in on your word! Keeping your concepts in mind, ask yourself what word would best sum up your 2019 goals? What word will help you navigate the murky waters of the New Year? What word will help keep you on track when you feel overwhelmed? What is something you wish you had more of? You might consider making a master list of all the words that come to mind when you are thinking and planning. Don’t second guess yourself; just write every word that comes to mind.

Here are a few examples of words that you might choose:

• Creativity
• Joy
• Peace
• Intention
• Focus
• Simplify
• Streamline
• Fulfilled
• Present
• Balance
• Change
• Compassion
• Embrace
• Brave
• Resilient
• Integrity
• Grace

View our Pinterest graphic for many more words for the year that were inspired by our Day Designer team and friends!

When you are finished, you can refine your list. Going through it and choosing a few words that really jump out at you or excite you. You might even choose a word that scares you a little bit. Big changes are always scary, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad!

Now that you have your shortlist, ask yourself which word do you feel most committed to? Not just a passing interest in, or admiration for, but a real commitment to? Once you have chosen your word of the year, jot it down in your journal and planner. Stick it places where you can see it easily and be reminded of it!

Remember—this is your year! So live it to its fullest. Let your word be your prompt for intentional living this year.


Share your 2019 word for the year in the comments below!